WOW! Soundcore Motion Boom Plus cheap boombox - game changer? (Alan Ross Review)

This just popped-up on my YouTube saved channels. It’s Alan Ross’s review. This was the reviewer where I first hear about the Original Motion Boom from.

PS This was filmed before his App had the Motion Boom+ on it, so no EQ. I’m going to reserve my opinion for now. I will say, I can’t see anyone complaining it doesn’t have enough Bass.

PSS It seems like it has both Partycast and TWS. I really like that it has TWS!


I appreciate allan’s reviews, so it concerns me a little that he says he found it a bit tiring to listen to because of the punchy bass. I guess (cause i cannot judge for myself because there are issues with supply for early birds) it’s not a crossover between the boom and motion plus but a wanna be JBL boombox. But before making a final judgement i will just wait for a week or more to listen to the new speaker myself.


Well he couldn’t adjust the EQ so I’m pretty sure his opinion will be different once it has App support. I’m assuming he filmed it before Monday.

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Seems it’s a first review. Thanks for sharing


Thanks for the review, much appreciated.


Partycast and tws… hope prof isn’t looking… as that sounds like professorcast 1.0. :wink:

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Official beta testers can get app support. So implies just a reviewer.

The usual issue with Partycast is you lost EQ settings. Interesting to see how well setting EQ works with Soundcore’s version of newer Partycast.

We know when you connect the speaker to the app, the EQ are persistent to the speaker. So in theory you could connect each speaker to app, set EQ, then use as slave with its saved EQ.

Remains to be seen how well they implemented EQ in their newer version of Partycast.

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