X500 (and X600), but why?

I’m looking at the Soundcore newsletter that arrived today, and I’m getting confused as to what this company is doing. I guess I suspect, but what I think is behind the newer and newer products I don’t like.
So here is this X500. What was the need for this, but honestly! There’s the “world’s best bt. speaker” the X600 (as we know from many YT testers), which is the same (plus two tweeters, minus the ambient light) and the Motion 300.
Where are the successors to the famous (that made the brand popular) speakers? After the Motion+ and the Boom, Soundcore had nothing to do but “merge” the two speakers and come up with a really really good speaker. Then came the Boom Plus, which had some serious problems from the beginning (stuck passive radiator, distorted sound). Of course, an improved version came out, but it’s still not a “winner” speaker (and it’s not better, just louder than the Boom).
“The best speaker in the world” (X600) is also only the best according to a few (bribed and/or stick-eared) testers, which has gotten worse with newer firmware.
Despite (or rather because of) the fact that I own quite a few Soundcore products, I’ve recently started to seriously worry about the brand. I think things are not going in the right direction.