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Cast your mind back to 2019 when Soundcore released the first two headphones in the Life series…

There was Life Q10, which offered seriously boosted bass :white_check_mark: 60 hours of playtime :white_check_mark: and Hi-Res certified Audio :white_check_mark:

If you want to revisit an in-depth review of Life Q10, check out this video from @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS for everything you need to know:

Next up, we dropped Life Q20, which added active noise cancelling to its roster of features and became our best selling headphones! Check out @Just_Doin_Life’s epic review for a recap:

And a year later in late 2020, we introduced the newest addition to the series—Life Q30! Did you know that it was also the first of our new generation of headphones and earbuds with multi-mode active noise cancelling?

For a comparison of all 3 headphones, Tech Odyssey has a comprehensive video here:

So, my question for you is: Which are the best Life headphones?

  • Life Q10
  • Life Q20
  • Life Q30

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Personally, I’ll be voting for Life Q30 because I can’t live without their noise cancelling on my daily commute to work.

Where’s your favorite place to use your Life headphones? Do you have any particular memories of a time you used them? Share your experiences in the comments :arrow_down: and check back on Friday for the next part of our Life story!


The only Life headphones from Soundcore I own are Life 2.
I still use those alongside with my Space NC in my everyday life. I use them for work, for listening music while walking with my dog, for watching movies. Unless my headphones are a bit outdated, they are good for everyday use.

How can I say if I got only my hands on Q10.
Those are fine so far.

Only have the Q10 but they work amazing. I use the while I drive to listen to music since I don’t have a Bluetooth radio. They block out most of the cars background noise you have from riding in a car.

My Q10’s do an excellent job of reducing noise for me in a household of 6 people :joy:

No special memories involving them as I only recently received them.

I don’t have any but I like the features of the q30

After losing in February Leaderboard, I got a pair after that. I had them for a few weeks and did like them but my youngest ended up "taken"them over. I may provide more on that in the near future.

Normally I shy away from newly launched products but took a risk with the Q30, there were plenty of reviews and the one month early adopter discount gave me time to look at the reviews.

I use my Q30 indoors in homes, I use them usually either with ambient mode so I can hear others or ANC so I … errr… don’t hear others. Very comfortabe, no ear ache, no sweaty rash (unlike Bose and Sony).

I pair the Q30 with the Anker 63W port desk charger, Anker 10000 PD Slim, put them all in a waterproof bag and bike around to other’s homes and have a decent portable system. Once the lockdown here eases I’ll be off into some B&B trips with the Q30.

Looking forward to the … next step in “Life”.

In the meantime, always look on the Bright Side of Life

I remember when I first got my life Q10’s, I was so excited. My Puro headphones had recently stopped taking a charge so I needed a new pair of headphones. I looked everywhere, and my primary concern was battery life. As soon as I got the Q10’s, I was stunned by their great sound and comfort. 100% amazing headphones. My needs changed though, and I needed noise cancellation. BAM, problem solved with the Q30’s. They have the same great sound with NC, too! Plus, they have integration with the Soundcore app, so I can customize their EQ settings. Both are great headphones, and you can’t go wrong with either one of them.

Fairly easy choice for the Q30s here. Not perfect, but a clear upgrade over the other two by combining the key features of both.

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Personally I hated the Q20, sound and bass was just all around horrible. Maybe it a pair of defective headphones, but I hated them and I let it be known in my review Here

I was hesitant to try the Q10 and even the Q30, but both of those seemed like better options and upgrades over the Q20. I actually loved the Q30 and gave them to my sister when she was traveling because of the noise canceling, which she said was a godsend when flying. So my prayers goes to the Q30 and their awesomeness :ok_hand:

I have Life Q10 and these are the best so far, no fuss about Noise cancellation or software upgrade or app, connect with BT and enjoy!!! My go to headset for music or watching TV

Sometimes simplicity has its own beauty!

I’m a fan of the Q30’s, great for blocking out the dog barking while I get some work done! :rofl:

The Life Q10 headphones have been great for doing some of the livestream events too!

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I hear good things about all three but I only have experience with the Q20.
I liked them. For the cost they performed well, not perfect, but they are cheap headphones.

Here are my thoughts for anyone interested.

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I like mine too. Nice review.