Amazon Live | New Releases Revealed and Reviewed!

After all the excitement from last weeks Prime Day deals, @SoundcoreAdam is back and looking at some exciting new releases… :eyes:

Join the livestream here from 5PM PT/8PM ET and take a closer look at releases such as Life Q30 and Anker PowerConf S3 :partying_face:

Life Q30

Anker PowerConf S3

Nebula Cosmos Max

Life Q20

Anker PowerConf

Anker Premium Double-Braided Nylon Lightning Cable


I’ll try and make it there. Interested about the new headphones.

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Nice line up of some great Soundcore items

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thats great but where is my promo code for the q30s so i can get them at the promised special price. i was waiting up till midnight last night and never saw an email come in like i was promsed from soundcore to purchase the q30s. whats going on soundcore??

I am sure it will be there soon. I am wondering if it is due to time frames that is causing your email. Say they are sending it out at 5 pm their time and that could be like 12 pm our time. (no I did not do the time change ).

I have saw a review on the Q30 and I am fairly impressed with all the functions. I was surprised it was not water proof as well LOL :wink:


i just wish marketing and sales teams would be more specific than just time12 oct 20, 2020. yeah so far the reviews i have seen consider it a 95percent passing grade. I love soundcore products like the liberty pro 2 but i need some ANC when workout. i dont like hearing the outside world at all.

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When I said 12 pm I was using that as an example. Have you checked your junk mail as well?

yep, i have checked everything, have you gotten your code yet. by the way i wasnt directing anything to you. i was more frustrated with the lack of specific time communication on the marketing/sales teams for just the 12.

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I have not nor have I applied for one. The reviews look good. I have had two kids bdays recently and vacation coming up next month and a few other around the house to do. :smile:

Code came in, and I gladly placed my order! I went through amazon myself, since I had a gift card. Can’t wait until it arrives! I was pleasantly surprised at the listed price. I was expecting something around the cost of the liberty pro 2s.


Should let us know how you liked them after you get them…

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Ooo nice I’ll definitely try to make it

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I would love to do a review for them. They seem to be very high quality, especially for the price.

Can’t wait for the stream!

I don’t mean to steal your thunder but my live stream is scheduled today 30 minutes later.

You can watch me use my rig with line out to HDMI capture card to demo the active noise cancellation live. Please follow my amazon profile so you get notified!

About this rig and my review, please see
“Soundcore Life Q30 vs Bose QC35 In-depth review. (Part 1 w/ Audio Samples Download)”

I wonder if I should reschedule my Amazon Live Streaming?

Will try to join or at least catch the replay a little. Should be interesting to see what he shares about Life Q30 that we don’t already know from all the reviews

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The headphones were up on Amazon yesterday, with the Vine early reviewers already posting. There is a program that is hard to get into and jealously guarded…


I have the code and looked at many Q30 reviews from those on the NDA. I’m seeing broadly very positive reviews apart from the quality of the microphone.

I’d like to hear (pun) if there is firmware upgrade to improve the microphone?

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