Amazon Live | Winter Storm Prep

Winter is coming…and @soundcoreadam is here to save the day. :snowflake:

Tune in HERE tonight from the usual time of 5PM PT/ 8PM ET to see the best survival gear including:

Trance Go

PowerHouse II 400

Life Q30

PowerCore Slim 10000 PD

PowerHouse 200

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Too late for me! Already a lot of snow and ice on the ground, temperature is 25°F :cold_face:

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I’ll try to tune in tonight

Same here, too late and its about -2C.
No storm! Foggy and calm weather!

I will try to be there

That’s the newer 10000 PD with 20W, you can spot via it includes two cables C-C A-C, the predecessor 18W included only C-C

+1 and no snow because of that

Woot woot get to make it.

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… and so it seems so do I

All things that would be lovely to have in a winter storm, but kind of at the back of my list if actually prepping…

I’ll have to catch the replay… world junior hockey bumps priority… lol sorry @SoundcoreAdam

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Missed it!

Any schmivaways this time?

@QueenMagic I was not there either but he said he may do it about once a month and I think that was last week.

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No giveaway. Product information, showing, Q&A.

Is there anything front of mind from Anker / Soundcore? Of course water, food, shelter, fuel would be highest up. These products are the battery powered items to handle power outage type solutions, not the more major ones (roof collapses, water pipes freezes bursts, etc)

Good prep is a snow shovel.
We have 3!
From this morning (photo) the snow is increasing enormously.
Neighbor’s kids like that of course. : They built a huge snowman.:smiley:

Lol that’s true. GA had a couple days of below freezing temps already :joy:. Missed it as well so will have to catch up with replay

Pretty nice live stream as always! Some really great products mentioned for this

Thanks for stopping by Professor - you certainly added to the stream due to your experience with many of them.