App doesn‘t find sound core boost

The soundcore app on my iphone 11 doesn‘t find my soundcore boost speaker when it is connected via bluetooth. I‘ve already one soundcore motion boom speaker as a paired speaker in my list in the app, so it has worked once. The motion boom isn‘t connected right now, so it should be possible to connect another one, I think. I am using the s. c. boost since almost two years without using the app. Now I want to add all my soundcore speakers to the app to adjust them with the equalizer if needed. To start right from the beginning, I have deleted the existing connection in the bluetooth list on my device after some failed tryes. But to add and connect it as a new speaker is just getting a bluetooth connection without having a result in the app. The app always telling me, to press the bluetooth button until lights are flashing and then choosing my speaker in the bluetooth options on my device. So I paired it again and again without getting my speaker added to the app. Does anyone know, what I can try next? Thank you very much.

Not all Soundcore products have App support. I don’t personally have the Boost, so I can’t say for certain whether or not it does. Chances are if you don’t see it, it’s not supported by the App. You can always contact Support and ask them:

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Hi, Steve.

Thank you very much for your pretty fast reply.

In the listed speakers in the app from which I could choose, there is a soundcore boost even with a little picture of it and it looks pretty as the same as mine.

But there is a small word underneath which says „upgraded“, so it may be possible, that my s. c. boost is perhaps to old.

As you are saying, I will contact the support for more detailed information.

Thank you again, Steve

Best regards


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If I remember right the Upgraded model was basically a new/Upgraded model, the Upgraded part probably included App support. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Contact Support to be sure though.

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Hi Frank,

I’ll add the Motion Boom is probably to this day my favorite Soundcore speaker. If you get a second one you can hook them up in TWS (True Wireless Stereo), where one is the left channel and the other is the right. I highly recommend going that route. I did a review awhile back. I’ll post it here if you’re interested.

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No problem. You just say, what I was already thinking.
Btw, it‘s nice to find such nice contact here. A funfact, I wasn‘t really expecting when I was installing and starting to use this app.

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I just recently used my Motion Boom in this way at a party by pairing two devices. The result was great. The little things really make a difference.
But thanks for your info.

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Just to explain my possibly a little strange English, I briefly mention that I am from Germany.
Hopefully it was not too bad or funny.

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I understand you just fine. I’m happy I was able to help. One of our regulars is also from Germany.

Here’s a link to the review I was talking about in case you’re interested.