Brief review of Motion+ in TWS mode and some thoughts about best usage of the speakers

Some time ago I made a thread about my first impressions on Soundcore Motion+ (Soundcore Motion+ review. Unpacking and first impression)

As I stated in the thread I impressed with design and sound of the speaker. So I was extremely happy to win the second Motion+ due my high place on June Leaderbord (special thanks for @Vanessa_W for arranging delivery).

I expected Motion+ will be even more beautyful than on official photos (thanks for pics earlier published by @Steve976 and @Craig_Paterson) and wasn’t disappointed when unpacked it.

TWS pairing went smoothly (to get a stereo pair you have to press bluetooth button on both speakers for a few seconds). I expected the sound will be excelent and wasn’t disappointed.

To be honest I’m pretty conservative (I don’t wear socks in different colors :joy:), but red and black speakers are OK for me. Probably the reason is that red and black fits each other everywere including literature (I suggest to read The Red and the Black by Stendhal :grinning:).

When I brought my first Motion+ I intended to use it as a soundbar with my bedroom TV set. It works excelent with Samsung TV (Tyzen OS), but after receiving second speaker I changed my mind. The reason is Motion+ are just to good to use them for TV sound improvement. So I moved the speakers to living room and will use them as a primary option to listen music.
I would suggest Motion+ for indoor usage unless those can be used outdoor as well.
And the last thing: if you are bass lower choose Motion Boom.


I’ve had 2 for a little bit now. They sound great in TWS, especially inside.

Here’s a pic of my 2:


Didn’t realize the motion + were so tiny. Looks like more similar to the Soundcore 3, vs. The boom.

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nice mini review :slight_smile: i am looking forward to checking the + out myself

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The Motion+ is smaller, close to the same length, but feels denser. It reminds me of a brick. I like them both. The Boom does have more low end though. The Motion+ has a touch more clarity.