Connectivity and fitting in ear


I just purchased the liberty 3 ear buds which is not a drop down in your category! Why not?
I was looking for a wireless solution to cutting the noise around me at the office as well as sending clear communication out on my zoom, phone, or team calls.
Hear are my issues and sadly I can not get on a call during week days since support is only open during working hours! This need to change some to support us working focus!

  • The fit test keeps failing no matter what ear piece size I have used, never passed - not sure what is going on
  • I can not use the controls on my iPhone App if I am on another device, that is not working for me either!
  • Connectivity is terrible and a big issue for me. I need to connect to my Iphone, work computer, my mac, zoom on either home or work, and facetime. Well, the only way it works is if I forget the bluetooth connection on current device and connect again on the one I want to use next! unfortunately, sometimes I only have a 2 minute interval from going from my car to my computer at work or at home, or from my computer to Iphone in my car. I need this to be quick. It takes 3-5 minutes to do this disconnect and connect business.
    Are there a solution to this?
    Otherwise, I will have to return the ear buds!?
    Then go through the arduous job of looking for another that does what I need!
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Sorry you are having issues, this is a community of owners who try to help each other. I don’t have these specific buds but I have seen their specs and so may be able give some pointers.

Fit is very personal, look at this thread for ideas

These buds support multipoint with support to connect up to 2 things at once but what you seem to be showing is they can only connect to 2 things for media and 1 thing for control. So try to connect to no more than 2 things and have one of them a phone.

Not directly helpful but indirectly may help is I have worked from home now 27 years and most recently I would only connect to only my phone and only use that for Zoom (etc) for voice etc, when I’m the home I would also connect to the meeting from PC for keyboard and bigger screen. So the phone was continuously doing sound and microphone, while other devices would give me other functions. So I’d be in Zoom twice concurrently. I would be transparent what I was doing and everyone else understood.

Good luck, others will be along later hopefully with more and better advice.

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You may have misread the ability of connectivity (or I misread your statement). It is not that you are connected to 2 devices at once.

So if you are connected to another device you can not control it from the apple device, but will have to use the other device to control it. It will allow to be paired to 2 devices but only the device that the earbuds are active on will be the device that would be able to control it.