Core Update 18 | Announcements, Awards, and Important Notices

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the first Core Update of 2020! I hope you’re all doing well and sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions!

- Collective News -

A Massive Achievement

We doubled the number of Collective members from 50,00 to 100,000 in December alone! So to celebrate we’ll be holding a giveaway later this week. Let us know in the comments below what kind of giveaway you’d like to see and what prizes you hope will be up for grabs :partying_face:

Also, if you’re new here feel free to say hi and introduce yourself to everyone!

What Song Sums Up 2019 For You?

We asked you to share your favorite songs of 2019, so if you haven’t already make sure you go add yours now.

Tips For Upgrading Liberty 2 Pro, Liberty Air 2, or Liberty’s Firmware on Android Phones

If you need some help, check out this post for some tips.

- Awards of the Week -

This week’s winners are…

Gallery Upload of the Week: @element321 Shared an old favorite this week with us :musical_note::microphone:

Thread of the Week: @Duane_Lester It seems like everyone enjoyed your “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” review of Liberty 2 Pro! I look forward to reading more of your reviews in the future.

Giveaway Winner: @Muhammad_Master Please direct message @Loz with your email and delivery address!

Important Notices

@Shenoy @Ice @tsayoga2001 please contact @Loz with your delivery details. You won Linus Tech Tips Liberty 2 Pro for last month’s referrals :gift:

Everyone else in the referral leaderboard will have their giveaway tickets updated this week!


Hope the number of “acitve” members are increasing the same percentage.

Great to see some “old fellows” as winners.
@Duane_Lester, @element321
Congratulations, good job!.


I’d like to see some speakers in the icon series, or the rave/trance series in a giveaway this week.

Thanks for the update!

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Thanks for the update again @Hannah and congrats to the selected winners :ok_hand:


Just realized that the soundcore community now has far more accounts then the anker community… interesting

Anker still has more users by abou 700000 more.

But how about the number of “really users” at the forum.
I bet there are less than 200.
Useless “numbers” for statistics and advertising only.!


Would like to see a trance or rave giveaway as well. Thanks for the update and congrats winners.

There are more penguins… :joy:


Haha, I completely misread the number on anker lol

Grats to you all. I hope you enjoy your L2P. Grats to @element321 for his gallery entry and @Muhammad_Master on his giveaway win.


Thanks @Duane_Lester

Thanks, can’t wait to try them out for my self.

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I think I would like to see something different as a prize. Maybe something from the Home Audio section (ie wakey, motion, or TV soundbar).

I am unsure as to what kind of giveaway to do as it depends on who will be your target audience. I will say that if the giveaway is social media based, I would appreciate that a post also be done here on the community (So FB, Twitter, Instagram and community) because we have some fellow members do not interact in social media formats (and we want to take care of those folks as well, :wink:) .


Thanks @Hannah for the update of the week. Thanks Soundcore for the L2P, the long awaited New Year gift, goes to my wife and hope she will like it. She really needs to get her hands free to do lot of other stuff. I don’t know how she manages all that :pray:

Congrats @Shenoy, @tsayoga2001 @element321. @Duane_Lester & @Muhammad_Master for your winnings as well.
Good luck everyone for the next round of winnings :+1:

The new Flare 2 series would be awesome !! or the Wakey to set up the new routine in New Year would be great to see in the new giveaway :heart_eyes:


@Muhammad_Master You should really consider changing profile pic to avoid confusion:cold_face:

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`[quote=“Ice, post:16, topic:231772”]
The new Flare 2 series would be awesome !

It’s neither released or even announced, so there’s no way that’s happening

Something like such a Mystery Box for the most active members HERE would be fun.
If you read the threads at ANKER’Ss forum you will see why.


I’ll change it later on today

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