Current Frames Wishlist

This is my current wishlist for current and future Frames, from what I feel should be easy, so earlier, to difficult so later.

  • Allow the cable to be bought separately so someone can own two. Say one at home and one in travel bag.
  • Allow a USB-C cable as most of us are well on the way to USB-C everything.
  • Charging case. Preferred is a case you can slide in a small Powercore, or if that’s messy then a case with cells inside - similar to the case for TWS buds.
  • Lens for cycling and construction. So for lens a solid piece of plastic with maximum range of view and a nose bridge. This would make them get used in construction, decoration, outdoors and indoors dusty settings.
  • Work to make the current and future Frames use the same cable and same front lens (so keep the connector compatible) so past investment can be extended. Helps with carbon footprint to reuse as much as possible. Once prescription lens become proven, absolutely essential to not need to make more lens if you upgrade the arms/sides.
  • Microphone improvements to filter out wind so can be used in sports outdoors and construction type scenarios. Ryan did help us understand current Frames ability to filter sound, it does a good job already but the goal is 15mph wind and traffic so can talk while biking.

(Ryan @TechnicallyWell hope ok to use this, otherwise I’ll edit remove)

  • Wear detection switching. Allow for someone owning multiple Soundcore products to switch between them without a manual disconnect/connect. Scenario: own L3P and Frames and wearing both, sound is coming to the L3P and you take them out of your ears and then sound switches to the Frames, then when you take L3P out of case and put in ears, sound switches back from Frames to L3P. So you can swap Soundcore products intelligently. Configure via app the behaviour. This feels should be easy (I think) ? I can see folks owning both of these classes and swap between them through the day.

  • Partycast Frames so folks can do the above via walking around. Suggestion is as these Frames need to kept lightweight they are NOT the master so only slave mode. Possibly you use Partycast to make the above switching easier.

  • (difficult!) Work to allow to sense and augment the environment, such as sensors on side and rear which alert the wearer. Scenario you’re walking across street and a silent cyclist is coming at you, an alert. Cars have these sensors, so eventually electronics should become smaller, more efficient, lower cost, to shrink into the Frames form factor.

I’ve asked much of the above already but spread around, so hoping to condense to one place to make easier to find.


This is a great list! I went by my local Best Buy to try and find a pair of Frames to hold with my hands and try on. Unfortunately they didn’t have any on display. Do we know if they will be at some point? (At a Best Buy or some other retailer?)

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They aren’t really in stock quite yet. Different dates based on what and where you buy, some examples

image image image

Where else other than Soundcore or Amazon, I don’t know but I’d PM that one as it may be sensitive information.

I have managed successfully on the Amazon Live to get my questions answered interactively so I feel I have a good knowledge of the product without a need for hands on. There’s another opportunity tonight to ask. Adam is very interactive and helpful, he’s read out all my questions and answered them fully within his knowledge.

I asked for some live demo here 42m33s and my questions answered. The text chat isn’t saved but it’s my questions he’s answering.

Next live if you want to similarly get interactive pending an in-store hands-on opportunity.

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Definitely a lot of things in the wishlist which I’m hoping in the future when they come out with a version two will make them more worth it for me


Hi Tabor, it will be at Bestbuy and Verizon shortly. Please let us know how you feel about the products or have any issue.


Thanks man! I’ll have to try again later this week and see if it’s on display yet.

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What would make you buy it?

What would make you not buy it?

Has anyone actually ordered them?

Also list. I’d want these features as well. For me I need something that with a safety rating and a good wrap for outdoor activities.


To make me buy it, it would either need to be a really good deal (like under $100) or it would need to have incredible reviews from the “average Joe’s” in the community.

I love the concept and the idea of it. If I was still at my old job and traveling around the country and doing a lot of out door work, I would probably pick up a pair. But with being inside on a computer most of the time, there’s not a lot of draw for me. I haven’t ruled out buying them, I’m just a little hesitant.

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Fair enough. Price too high for a “why not” punt. Needs a specific use case few have.

If the average Joe has to wait til December to get, then it’s a month til any truly independent reviews.

Unless they run a competition for testers.

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