FULL REVIEW - Motion Boom

Imagine high quality sound, very powerful and very deep bass, very high volume, long battery life, all in one speaker for $90 USD. Now stop imagining. Because It’s real.

Build wise, I personally love how it looks. It’s made of a hard plastic all around, and while I heard some people call it cheap, it definitely held up well and came out unscathed after a few collisions with concrete in my own testing. On the two sides of the speaker are passive radiators, which vibrate to produce both more and deeper bass. I would go on more about the Motion Boom physically, but you can see it yourself with the pictures I put down below.

The sound is as advertised on the box “Extreme Outdoor Sound”. But its also extreme sounding indoors. The sound is well balanced, with detailed mids and highs, with a deep and powerful bass. And while as powerful as it is, it isn’t too exaggerated or boomy or muddy. Some EQing with the app is recommended to get the best sound out of the speaker.

The speaker gets quite loud, deafeningly loud indoors in general. Big or small room, it fills it with ease. Outdoors is where this speaker belongs. The deep bass comes through very clearly and the speaker fills outdoor spaces so well like it’s magic. For the size of the speaker it really is incredible.

The app works well. It quickly connects to the speaker, and enables you to install any future firmware updates on the speaker, turn the indication sounds on and off (max/minimum volume sound, startup and shutdown sounds) enable and disable BassUp, switch between some EQ presets, and set your own custom EQ settings (as many as you want) which can be named to whatever you want, and you can easily switch between them in the app.

Pushing the bass on the Custom EQ will cause the speaker to distort a bit, but there’s plenty of bass without adjusting it too high.

The TWS feature works very well. For those who do not know what it is, TWS stands for “True Wireless Stereo”. It means you can wirelessly connect two Motion Boom speakers to create a better stereo effect (one speaker is left channel, other is right channel), and fill larger spaces because you now have twice the sound.

I would recommend this speaker to anyone whether you use a speaker indoors or outdoors, especially if you need a lot great sound but don’t have a huge budget.


Nice review and pics


Nice review. Making me thinking about getting one… sometimes I need music tooo loud to drown out my overthinking :sweat_smile:

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Nice review @matthew2ndson

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Oooooo nice review thanks for sharing

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Awesome review !

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Nice review and photos! Hope it keeps doing a great job over time. I hope the battery life is just as good as the sound or better

As of now, the battery lasts as advertised. 24 hours at 50% volume. I get around 5-6 hours at maximum volume.

That’s good to see. 5-6 on max volume is significant drop though

The drop of battery life in high volume is because it keeps the bass from falling behind the rest of the sound, unlike most speakers which lose bass at max volume. This means the speaker sounds very good all the way up to full volume, which is a fair tradeoff for some battery life if you ask me.

Weird request but would you be able to take a picture for like a size reference to something because I feel like it either looks larger or smaller than it probably is

I will when I can. I am on vacation this week so I do not have the speaker on me.

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Ohh makes sense. I don’t normally listen to full volume but will try it out on my Flare Mini someday :joy:

Looks and sounds great, glad to hear you like it.

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Great review and photos, nice to hear you are enjoying.

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Thanks for providing a review!

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Here’s some size reference.

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Nice size comparison of the speakers