Help Us Create New Headphones Survey

I received an email (on my personal email that is not the one for this account) for this survey a little while ago. Things are self-explanatory in the image and the survey took about 2-4 minutes to complete. Seems like a new pair of earbuds/headphones are being designed and planned. Click anywhere on the photo to get the survey :+1:



Wait is that water bottle rubber?

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Not sure what that material is but a lot of people here have it so a question for them. If it’s rubber then it’s just the outside (hopefully :joy:)

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It seems to be a foldable rubber bottle

It is. I got like 3 or 4. Lol


Thanks for sharing @Shivam_Shah !

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Thanks for posting got the email for it later than you did


never got the email. I normally get these.

Didn’t get this email either, but still provided my input. Thanks for sharing @Shivam_Shah :+1:

Just like @Duane_Lester said, the bottles are collapsible and rubber. Used it a couple time on hikes so far and the wife & I have liked them.

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Well it more of a silicone water bottke or rubber. They are pretty nice overall

Have a lot of bottles so if I win one, I’ll let you guys know in case any of you want one

Same for me.

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I had seen this somewhere, but hadn’t filled it out. Good reminder, done now.

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