How to Take Care of Your Soundcore Headphones

As headphones are now an integral part of our daily lives, it is essential for us to know how to maintain them. So, here are some tips to take care of your headphones.

Our goal is to ensure that your headphones are nice and clean with minimal risk of damage. You will learn how to take care of your Soundcore headphones by protecting and cleaning them.

How to Care for your Soundcore Headphones

Common Tips:

  • If it comes into contact with liquid, use a hairdryer on the “cool” setting to dry it.

  • Use the headphones regularly to avoid over-discharge, which can harm the lifespan of the battery. We recommend charging them at least once a month.

  • To improve the battery’s lifespan, charge before the battery is low. Use an original/certified USB-C charging cable to charge.

  • Wipe away sweat from earcups/earbuds each time.

  • Do not charge earphones in a humid environment. Before charging, ensure that the charging port is dry. Close the charging case lid to avoid water, moisture, and dirt from entering.

  • Use the included charging cable whenever possible and do not charge the headphones using a car charger to avoid burning the headset when the car starts.

Tips for Other Types of Headphones:

TWS ( True Wireless Earphones)

  • Open the charging case regularly (it is recommended to do so at least once a month). Charge the earbuds for about 1-2 hours before using them if you’re not planning to use them for a long time.

  • Regularly clean the charging pins, earpieces, and metal filters.

  • If you plan to store the earbuds for an extended period without using them, make sure the power of the charging case is not less than 60%.

  • Carefully replace the ear tips and/or ear wings:

    • Grip the ear tip from the base and pull it off from the earbud.
    • Hold the ear wing and gently remove.

For more information : How to replace the accessories of Soundcore Liberty 3 Pro .

Earcups :

  • Prevent sharp objects from scratching the earcups.
  • Carefully replace the earcups if there is a need.
  • Clean the headphones regularly.

For more information : How to clean the earcup s of Soundcore Life Q30 .

How to Clean Your Soundcore Headphones

Benefits of Cleaning Headphones

  • Keep your headphones working longer.
  • Improve the way they sound with simple tricks.
  • Stays clean.

To clean the headset regularly, you need to use a small tool to break up the earwax or buildup of debris without risking damage. You can consider the following tools while practicing some care and caution:

  • Cotton swab
  • Alcohol wipes (with a concentration of 70%-75% to kill viruses and bacteria)
  • Soft and dry lint-free cloth
  • Mini air dust blower
  • Toothpick

How to Clean Earbuds/Earcups


Get a cotton swab and put a bit of alcohol on it, then gently rub/clean the gold filter mesh of the earphones. At the same time, try connecting the earphones, playing a song, and setting the volume to max.

  • Regularly clean the charging contact pins, earpieces, and metal filter. It is recommended to use a cotton swab with alcohol solution for cleaning.


How to Clean Charging Case/Accessories

You can clean the charging case/accessories with a soft and dry lint-free cloth. If there is some grease or dirt on the surface of the charging case, use a cloth with alcohol solution to clean it.

How to Clean Charging Port of Charging Case

Use a cotton swab or toothpick as these items are soft and can fit into small spaces, making them less likely to cause physical damage to the charging port.

Use a compressed air duster to clean debris and dirt from the charging port’s hard-to-reach spots. Then, use a cotton or toothpick to remove them.

How to Get the Best Audio Performance Out of Your Headphones

Aside from proper maintenance of your headphones, there are also two other ways to help you get the best audio performance of your headphones.

  1. Maintain high-quality, lossless files for high-fidelity sound.
  2. Use compatible apps for better sound.

It is quick and easy to alter the Signature Sound of your headphones with an app while customizing your EQ tailors the sound to your favorite music.

Please Don’t Do These

  • Don’t put the headphones close to your pets; the headphones may get chewed.

  • Don’t put the headphones into a washing machine.

  • Don’t rinse the headphones with water.

  • Don’t use a wet cloth to wipe the headphones directly.

  • Don’t use detergent to clean the headphones (such as oil stain cleaner, soap, shampoo, pesticide, sunscreen, oil, or hair dye).

  • Don’t spill any liquid into the charging port during cleaning.

  • Don’t use sharp objects or abrasive materials to scrape the headphones.

  • Don’t attempt to use the headphones until they are completely dry.

If you have additional questions, email or visit the Soundcore website for further assistance.


The “please dont do this” suggestions are funny.

You forgot :
Dont use wireless earbuds in the night.
When falling asleep they could fall off and you might swallow these.
But if you are lucky these will show up again after a certain time.
(Castor oil can help) :rofl:

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You forgot to add more don’ts:

  • don’t throw into the mouth of a bear, you’ll lose them
  • don’t use when skydiving
  • don’t place under a tractor’s wheels.

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That is a LOT more details than I will probably keep up with for my headphones.

Use and charge regularly, don’t forget them in a drawer.
Keep away from malicious or destructive forces.
Careful with liquids and sharp objects.

Don’t place your Soundcore product into a cannon in an attempt to go into space. They are not designed for that.

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