Introducing Soundcore Frames Audio Glasses 😎

Surprise! Soundcore Frames are here :tada:

We all know that audio sunglasses are super cool, but what do you do if it’s a gloomy winter day or you want to listen while you’re indoors?

Enter Soundcore Frames, our brand-new audio glasses with interchangeable frames!

Soundcore Frames is launching with 10 different frames to choose from! There are ones with polarized lenses that block up to 99% of UVA/B rays and blue-light filtering ones for use indoors. Plus, they come in a variety of styles and sizes so you’re bound to find one that suits your style.

What about all the other cool features?!
Here’s a quick rundown of the highlights…

OpenSurround System
Our exclusive system pairs 4 speakers positioned around your ears with a custom audio processor and algorithm. The result? The space around your ears is filled with spacious surround sound while ensuring you’re able to maintain awareness of your surroundings.

Clear Calls
2 microphones work in tandem with a noise reduction algorithm to pick up your voice clearly while blocking out ambient noise.

Local Voice Assistant
Control music and calls directly, without needing to access other voice assistants first.

5.5-Hour Playtime
Soundtrack a long hike or lazy afternoon at the beach, or keep your focus while you’re working.

IPX4 Water-Resistant
Protects against sudden downpours and unexpected spills.

The big question is…If there are 10 different styles to choose from, how do you go about picking the perfect pair for you?

It’s easy, use the Soundcore website’s Virtual Try-On!

Soundcore Frames will go on sale in November, but you can pledge $1/£1/1€ now and you’ll be sent a code to get a bonus front frame when you purchase a complete set of Soundcore Frames :sunglasses:

You can virtually try on Soundcore Frames and get more information on the following pages:
:us: USA
:canada: Canada
:uk: UK
:de: Germany
:eu: EU

Are you excited about Soundcore Frames? Which is your favorite frame style? Let’s chat in the comments :point_down:


Cool, I’ll definitely check these out. Thanks for sharing this! :+1:


Thanks @Hannah for a great news. Can’t wait to get more details on those.

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A very cool addition to the soundcore brand. I did not even think about making calls on them.

My big question is what kind of charging does it have? Do you use USB C , micro and/or can they be charged wireless.

Would like to see how the front frames are attached and taken off.

If this was april I would assume a prank. But it isn’t, so now I am wondering.

I have to wear prescription glasses all the time, so this could be cool - but only if I can integrate my prescription lenses into them. And they are comfortable to wear all day.

As always, lots more I want to see before putting down my $, so I won’t be an early adopter here. But the project has promise!


Interesting! My wife was just saying that she was going to investigate bone conduction headphones. But these may be an option for her. Would be interesting to know just how much other people can hear when you are wearing these.

I don’t think they are for me though?


Wow really cool I can’t wait these look so good


First thought - what about bone conduction…

I don’t even wear glasses… but I’m highly intrigued!! I wish there were some reviews out there to see before putting money down. Any chance of community members getting to test these out and throw some reviews up?


I tried bone conduction and it was bad quality.

From the description it seems similar to the Bose Frames idea of beam forming the sound directly to ear canal.

So in the absence of a review of these Soundcore Frames then look at Bose Frames as an approximation.


I wear glasses every day so that’s an interesting idea for me :slightly_smiling_face:.
@Craig_Paterson you look good in them :+1:t2:.

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Thanks for the info. I hope there are some reviews soon, as it may influence any purchase for a Christmas present. (Did I really just mention the “C” word?)

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I’d really like to hear more about them and get some unbiased reviews.
Oh, thank you. I tried to get my best side :laughing:

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I was thinking the same on the Bose Frames.

@TaborTech I do wear sunglasses sometimes but I think it sounds interesting as well. I like that you change the frames instead of a few where I saw you just change the lenses.


What’s the possibility of prescription lenses in these? I’m actually due for new glasses :nerd_face:

Thanks @Hannah, these are great news.
Some more technical information would be interesting about how the Sound is being brought into the ear.
Looking also forward to some unbiased reviews.

Agreed. My wife wears glasses and was extremely interested in these when I mentioned them to her in passing.

There was a Press Release yesterday which contained more information. I believe this is official and not a leak if not then let me know and I’ll delete.

It then links to

Which then contains images which give a good idea how they are charged and attach.

This shows them folded and I guess when folded the cable supplied the two connectors attach magnetically.

This gives a hint how they connect.

And underneath you see the gold colored connectors.