It’s Your Chance To Ask The Questions!

As revealed on Monday, @TheSnarkyOne and @TheProfessor are going to be our guests on the special Thanksgiving episode of the Soundcore Sundays podcast. Normally @sean.L and @loz come up with the questions for the guests but this time we’re handing the power over to you.

But first, let’s hear from our guests themselves so you can get to know them a bit better:

Located in the midst of the Canadian prairies.

Music tastes are quite eclectic ranging from classical to country to hard rock. My current playlist has a lot of the Soundcore sessions artists, Dave Giles, Danny Gruff, phem, Wesley. Also from time to time, Hollywood Undead and Bullet For My Valentine.

Sports interests, while curtailed for the time being, squash and golf and skiing in the winter (downhill and cross country).

Passionate about cooking, I make a few dishes that could rival any in a restaurant. Butter chicken, cold smoked creme brûlée, to name a few. Even did up some items @Chiquino would have been proud of, based on a post he shared of a resort he visited.

I have been with the community for but a brief time, and have really enjoyed the live streams and sharing new music with the Collective.

From UK, worked across Europe, USA, Canada. Lived for a decade in San Francisco. Currently in England.

Technical Architect, working across manufacturing, defence, life sciences, insurance, petroleum, science, financial services. As such I understand the origins of the universe, cosmology, physics, material science, statistics, so my handle of “professor”.

I’m a non-audiophile, I am not really into music, I use Soundcore almost exclusively for voice, listening and for phone calls.

From Soundcore I have the Motion+, Life P2, and Air 2. I have recently bought, but have not yet opened, Soundcore Q30. From other brands, I have the Bose QC35 and Sony WH-1000XM3.

My most used audio devices are the Anker / Soundcore Slim wired magnetic round-neck buds, purely because I’m not using audio much and this is a form factor which is most convenient for me. I’m nervous with the wireless buds just getting lost, so not particularly using them. I found the other person on the phone says the sound from Life P2 is the best quality.

Now it’s time to put your thinking caps on and come up with some questions for our guests. Add as many as you like in the comments below and we’ll pick our favorites. :arrow_down:


I know how I found the brand and decided to stay around the Anker Brands as well as the soundcore brand.

So how did you get introduced to the brand? Did you buy a product and then found the community, did you search for a device and found the community or maybe got an ad and joined from the ad?


What is your favorite Soundcore product you own? And what product do you not have, but want?


Mine would be what is your biggest criticism of/against a Soundcore product(s) and where do you think this could be improved :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:






If you are stuck on a desert island with power and could only bring one Soundcore product with assuming you have your phone which product would you choose?

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That’s right. Not my job to come up with these…

I would make a terrible interviewer. The topics would only be interesting to me.

What’s the most random talent that you have?


Hannah, is that a talent a human has or any super power?

@Hannah what time is the podcast going on air?

I’m so exciting for this podcast the most I think!

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It says Thanksgiving podcast so I’m assuming 22nd unless they want to do 29th but it is after Thanksgiving.

Oh ok I thought this Sunday for some reason.

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That would have made for an interesting podcast… I’ll have to make sure no noshing on turkey leftovers for next weeks session.

Should be fun :wink:

No clear date yet so only the podcast members here know the details :joy:

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Keep an eye out for the announcement here on the Collective and make sure you subscribe to the podcast so it will automatically update with the new episodes :grinning:


Sure, will do @Hannah :+1:

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