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As you know, we’ve been upgrading the Collective over the past few months and we’ve got another big update to share with you. As of this week, you’ll be able to watch livestreams directly on the Collective homepage and we’ll be launching a new version of the Conversations section.

What do you guys think? Are you excited for the new features?

Soundcore Sundays Podcast
We caught up with Buck Snow, one of the Grammy Engineers behind Liberty 2 Pro, for a fascinating insight into the hard work and dedication it takes to break into the world of audio engineering. Plus, he shares what it’s like to work on audio for movies. Check it out here.

Coming Up On #SoundcoreSessions
This week’s livestream features Crew54, a group that features Eric from DVZN Media :grinning: @sean.L will be sharing more details later in another post, so keep an eye out for that!

Ask a Question!
We’ll be recording our special Thanksgiving podcast episode this week so if you have some burning questions that you want to ask our guests, ask them in this thread.

Awards of the Week
This week’s winners are…

Photo of the Week: Congratulations to @gwstarkey.gws

New Photo Challenge: Enter this week’s contest here.

Collective Member of the Week: @Matthew_D_Morais is always very active and helpful to other Collective members. Thanks for being a part of the Collective family :partying_face:

New Collective Member of the Week: Since joining the Collective @Tiff1982 has already been very active! We look forward to hearing more from you in the future and we hope you enjoy your time here.

Thread of the Week: @Fuu_bar Thanks for sharing a close up look at your #SoundcoreHalloween prize.

Giveaway Winner: @waggs181 Make sure you contact @sean.L with your delivery address so we can send your prize to you soon!

And finally, make sure you keep checking the Collective over the next few days because I heard that @loz is starting the Thanksgiving celebrations early with a very special treat… :shushing_face:


Congratulations everyone! :grin:


Congrats @gwstarkey.gws on the photo win


Thanks man👍


Congrats to the winners, and I can’t wait to see what special treat @Loz has for us!!


Congrats to all the winners.

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Grats to all of the winners. Glad to see the new face on the community as well as an awesome picture. Enjoyed @fuu_bar halloween prize.

@Loz and @sean.L are hopefully not doing a turkey drop like Les Nessman from the tv show WKRP.


Congrats all. Glad to see new members here showing up on the list.

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Check out the new power draw prizes this week, jeez

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Congratulations to the winners!

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Congrats to winners

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Congrats on a nice picture @gwstarkey.gws. And to the other winners - particularly jealous of your new Strike 1, @waggs181


Congratulations to everyone!!

Congrats to all the big winners… and yes @Fuu_bar very nice power core ffloyd is jealous…

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Thanks all & congrats to the other winners. Received my giveaway win on Wednesday :slight_smile:

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Nice! Are you using it on your PS5? If so how since it is wired only

I tried them out for the first time last night. Worked like a charm. The DualSense controller still has an aux on it, so you can just directly connect the Strike’s to it (pic below). The first thing I noticed was how good the cool gel-infused cushions felt on the Strike :headphones:.

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