Mixing Movies & Music | #SoundcoreSundays

Buck Snow is a 7 time Grammy Winning Engineer :star_struck: who brought his skills in the studio to Soundcore in helping to refine and perfect Liberty 2 Pro!

Listen this week as @Loz and myself talk to Buck about his journey and love for audio, and how he’s transitioned from not only working with some of the biggest artists in the world, but now using his talents in the movie world!

For those without a subscription service - Listen here



Buck was an absolute pleasure to talk to. I didn’t realize how many famous jazz musicians and audio producers Buck’s worked with, so if you’re a fan of jazz you definitely won’t want to miss this!

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Fun to hear about, sound is a big part of the whole experience in movies as well.


Ooo nice Ill watch after I finish with my studying but sounds like it was a great podcast

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I’ll try and watch it later.

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Movies and jazz, me thinks I will have to give it a watch :grin:

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Will have to catch this tonight, I like jazz so this is of interest.

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You like Jazz? I like live Jazz but recorded feels uncomfortable. Not sure if all music is intended for recorded?

I’m opposite for Classical, been to live concerts and I hear the one bad out of tune violin, the recording hides.

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Still have to hear this. Most likely will do that tonight. Sounds like you guys had a nice time talking to him from @Loz’s comment

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Like a lot of genres… smooth jazz on tune in radio is quite good.

I also quite enjoy classical and the odd aria too.

Then for something completely different, some bullet for my valentine or Hollywood undead… :flushed:

Caught this the other night, another great podcast… l always amazed at how easy going these seem to be…