Launch event Thursday 6.30pm EDT


As for what’s to be revealed we know a Soundcore sleep related product is due tomorrow and I know of at least two other Soundcore products waiting for it to be announced so I can chat about it. There’s also been plenty happening across Anker, Eufy, Nebula, AnkerMake.


Good for the US regulars to know.
I am sure I will sleep here in München and dream of ANKER products! :smile:

Hehe : 0:30

This is the music will keep me awake!

Who is the fellow on the bass? Perfect!


I made it to NYC today… I will be on stage at the event … Wearing a Bad A$$ outfit introducing Soundcore offerings…

Yes Ian is on the other side of the state and already past where I live … Getting bands of rain and wind but nothing too bad


There’s mention of 6.30pm and 7pm. Please clarify.

Glad you’re not hiding from weather now in FL

Should start at 6:30 pm EDT…

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Been a while since “Anker on board” New York events.

2019 -


Are there any links to watch it at?

Think from here…

Yes I edited the OP with the link to YT


Reminder this is an Anker Onboard event in NYC, they held these in 2018 and 2019 (then Covid…) and it was all the Anker products including Soundcore. The only Soundcore products I know of yet to be announced is 5 , and I don’t know which will be announced. Once announced then we can discuss them here. The sleep related product is a given.

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A nice selection of earbuds and other products. I liked the new capsule that was shown.

I liked the liberty 4 and sleep and buds as well. I was more surprised by the sleep buds price than the liberty 4 but they are more unique.

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Of course I was at work damn I miss all the good stuff. Anyways if Adam wants a place to hide from Ian, I have a spare bedroom, indoor pool, tennis court, lakes, gym, sauna and tons of wildlife just 2 hours from NYC. :rofl:

Their VR P10 is a USBC audio DAC for the Oculus Quest 2 which uses LC3 codec over Bluetooth to give low latency audio. They said more to come and stay tuned, well I’d expect the logical next step is to support the Quest Pro.