Something sleep related on 29th

From Soundcore’s official Facebook page:

Soundcore’s currently (probably, arguably) most comfortable to sleep product is the recently released A40, so to be even better than that would require to be smaller. To be smaller, and yet keep 8+ hours battery life has to remove something. One thing it could remove is sound quality, a smaller speaker just to make white noise. You could also remove microphones and so cannot make/receive calls. Arguably sleep specific should not ring when phone rings (you’re trying to sleep). I suggest it should not remove ANC as whitenoise blocks higher frequencies and you need ANC to remove bass sounds. So still some microphones to detect sound to eliminate. To also keep Bluetooth as you go further into the ear requires intelligent antenna design.

Then there’s…

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Maybe an alarm clock with the good old snooze button for sleep mode haha.

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2 good “Weißbier” and a boring novel helps me a lot to fall asleep!
Both not from soundcore! :rofl:

I am sure the bt connection worked and he had good sound in the stomach.
It’s not said if it was the left or the right buds.
We have to know that! :laughing:

Sleep specific products do exist in other brands, so there is some kind of market.

Launching on a Thursday is rare, they usually do Tuesday or Wednesday.

It’s such a weird world if person need such gimmicks.
But we had a nice photo Steve published here.
So true! :grin:


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Sometimes I need sound to sleep it should be boring sound that allows gentle sleep, sometimes I wear my headphones just to the point wear sleep is just about to happen then I drift off. Usually it’s a dull boring sound playing on my tablet. But never even thought of wearing buds to go to sleep.

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Depends where you live. Many young urban dwellers have noisy neighbours, so a mix of white noise and ANC can help get to and stay asleep, with an alarm function.

So you can cut out larger drivers as it’s not about sound quality. If the sound is generated within and so not made and transmitted from phone you can save a lot of battery. So say now your buds are having to receive a radio transmission from your phone, but a sleep specific product doesn’t receive transmission, it generates sounds itself, so “sleep mode” consumes less power. You could afford then a smaller battery.

Accept it’s a niche market.

I’ve not seen here many (any?) requests for sleep specific products but I have seen many requests for smaller products, and the method of the bud making its own sound is the only way to achieve it.

If so I would prefer simple foam earplugs!
But those can be swallowed as well

If I personally was going to listen to music while going to sleep, it would be through a speaker. I’ve never tried to sleep wearing Earbuds or Headphones.

New series called deep space? :thinking:

but they could also do a firmware update for a sleep mode where you can disconnected Bluetooth for a certain period of time and the buds maximize their ANC and don’t power off. Currently their buds if you keep connected run their battery down and if you disconnect then the auto power off occurs.

So a sleep mode can be done for no cost.

I doubt they’ll do that as it undermines sales of whatever they are announcing on Thursday.

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I was reading those SF stories when I was young.
Meanwhile I changed my taste of literature. :smile:

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Wonder if this was the 30 boxes that Adam stated that he had in his father’s garage area. :slight_smile:

I wonder if @SoundcoreAdam has enough IP rated speakers which float? May need them

I have website automatic change alerts setup and a lot changes around both LA2P and L3P price and stock last days.

Funny to see @SoundcoreAdam in the news. “A Florida man rides a slew of Water Proof speakers to safety as Ian starts to make its way up north”

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