Liberty 2 Pro vs Liberty 3 Pro - Volume and sound

Is that fixable with EQ settings?

Well it would depend on how much headroom you had in each band of your EQ.
Example: Lets say you had at least 2db in each band before maxing it out. Theoretically you could increase each band by 2db thus raising the sound level.

That all being said the L3P are plenty loud for me in the 60-70% range so volume isn’t an issue for me. Most, if not all the reviewers have said the same thing.


I think L2P’s are louder than L3P’s too, and this is a negative point even if the sound is clearly very rich and full on the new babies.

Recommend put this in an email to Soundcore so it can feed into a tweak in a firmware upgrade.

There is an inherent conflict between sound quality, ambient sound and ANC in designing a product. If you make too loud a sound and then pick that up externally and feed in back in you make feedback. So it is not necessarily a surprise some are saying L3P is not loud enough.

So possibly Soundcore tweaked the max volume down a little to make ANC and ambient work better. If so possibly a firmware tweak where the max is higher when neither ANC/ambient is active. If they did that then you’d see different owner reviews saying it’s not loud enough only when ANC/ambient active.

Yikes, I am only listening at maybe 25%… plenty loud for me (liberty 2 pros) couldn’t imagine at 70%…




Maiden should be listened to at high volumes.

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Hope you will not get any problems with your hearing abilities.


Admittedly, I occasionally do suffer from some hearing loss.

Although, it only seems to happen when my wife is talking to me.


A “normal disease” :laughing:


I’ve been told that’s frequency attenuation… developed over the years of marriage… seemingly kids pick it up early on too…


@jeffharrisxus, @TheSnarkyOne, @Chiquinho :thinking: Could it be possible for evolution to “produce” automatic ANC for men … :joy: :joy:

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Hi, I’m curious about your L2P battery health status after two years of usage. May I know do u keep it in the charging case when not using or leave it outside the case for better battery health? Appreciate your experience advice :pray:

Honestly, I usually listen to them a couple hours at a time at most. Otherwise, they are always in the case. I have a wireless charger on my desk so it is easy to put the case on the charger and let it top up.

I could not say exactly how long the earbuds last nor the case.

Thanks for your reply :+1:

L2Ps have that annoying hiss that makes me hates wearing them, replaced them twice but they still horrible with the static noise or hiss. L3Ps are better in every way that makes the predecessor look like beta earpuds but still I hear in them that less annoying throbbing background bassy noise that dramatically fades when putting them on ANC or transparency mode! But for me the L3P is the comparison winner…

The L2P’s that I got were from the very first run and I have NEVER had the hissing problem that many others reported.

Have always sounded great and still sound great.

Good for you and lucky you, I bought it from and had that ugly hiss.
contacted anker and they didn’t care then they offered me new one from AnkerDirect on and promised a full refund to discover later on that it has the same issue but even worse and paying for logistics the same amount of new pair on…
Contacted them again and they told me to replace it locally which I did to find out I have 2 L2Ps with this ugly static hiss…
So from my prospective the L2Ps are worse than some other Chinese brands that didn’t get hyped as much as them back when they were launched…
On the other hand, L3P compared to the L2P are finished final product ( from my prospective)…

Had to sign up for the forum just so I could bump this thread.


Just got the L3 Pros and I already have the L2 Pros (1st edition).

Been swapping the L3s and L2s in and out, listening to the same track.

I agree with Jeff. The L2 Pros have a wider soundstage and bass seems to hit harder (and generally the L2 Pros feel like 10-15% louder.

I’m sure if I had never listened to the L2 Pros I’d be impressed with the L3 Pros, but I’m kinda disappointed that the newer buds can’t top the old ones.

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Really appreciate your response.

I had the same reaction to the L3 Pros immediately. Just didn’t sound as good as the L2 Pros.

Many on this forum didn’t care for that take. Some assumed that I was using them wrong or didn’t know how to adjust them. Or that they needed a “break in period”.

I returned the L3 Pros and use my L2 Pros as my main wireless earbuds. They are just the best sounding true wireless earbuds I have heard.