Liberty Air 2 Charging Issues

Hello all

I purchased a new Liberty Air 2 but I have some issues with Charging …

I put my Buds inside a fully charged Case closed it and kept over night and when I saw it in morning it was at the same percentage I put in… the buds is brand new and it charges to 100% when using an adapter. Hence This topic…

Am I Charging my buds correctly?? should I keep the buds open for charging?

I’m not sure whether I should book a replacement product or something else…

Probably will sound like a dumb question but have you removed the plastic tape from the connectors on earbuds? Also make sure they connectors (on case and earbuds) are clean.

If that didn’t help, try to reset them using one of the videos down below.

If all this fails, contact Soundcore at since your earbuds might be faulty

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Hello, I could see that buds do charge when it is placed inside the open case. my question can be simply put as can I charge my buds with my case closed?

Yea you should be able to charge them with case closed. Try to check the battery level on Soundcore app on your phone to see if case and earbuds are changing battery levels

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Is there any procedures like pressing the button below to charge the buds before closing the case? or just inserting the buds and closing them would be sufficient enough ??

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Just inserting the buds and closing the lid they will charge. You don’t have to do anything once you put them in the case.

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Hello both,

I had tried the solution… But no charge diff. Its the same 50% with lid closed. And I kept it overnight!!

That’s weird how are you charging it? Are you using the cable that came with it, wireless?

No mate. I dont think you got me right…

  1. Case open- buds inside- buds charge
  2. Case close- buds inside- type c plug on- buds charge
  3. Case close- buds inside- buds dont charge…

I think I’m very much clear this time.

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I get it I was just trying to see if you were using a wireless charging pad that could be causing it to act weird.
At this point you will have to contact support

Any reply from

Gentlemen… I just reset and it works fine for me now… Thanks. and sorry for replying so Late!!

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Let me just give an update here… the issue continues… when I open the lid of the case and keep the buds inside it charges but once the lid is closed, the charging process never happens… also I feel right ear bud charge drains faster than the left ( maybe because I use touch control frequently)… Haven’t gone deep though since I have Charging issues to check with…!! anybody facing the same problem ??

PS: I have done multiple reset… no dirt in case… and its less than a month old…

I’m sure it’s faulty earbuds or faulty case (or both). But I would surely contact customer service if you haven’t done it already. If you did, contact them again with an update and they’ll surely work things out with you.

Keep us updated

@Wells123 I have the same issue as you. Earbuds charge when inside case but lid open, or when inside case, lid closed/open but plugged in with charging cable. Lid closed, off cable it doesn’t charge. Did you find a fix? Or get it replaced?

Hi @Wells123,
I too face this issue, you got replaced with new earbuds or is there any work around to fix this issue.

I got my earbuds replaced but same issue with replaced ones. I am not sure if we are doing something wrong and if this is meant to happen by design.

Case closed - buds inside - case not plugged to charger - no charging
Case open - buds inside - charging
Case closed/open - buds inside - case plugged to charger - buds charging.

Hi all. Recently im facing the same problem for past two-three days. Not sure if its because of the software update given.

I think this could very well be a software issue. If it was a hardware problem with charging, why would the buds charge when the case is open or when the case is plugged in to the charger?

Hi Wells 123, I’ve bought liberty air 2 on April 7,2021. And I’m facing exactly the same problem you described. Did you get any solution yet?