Liberty air pairing #help

just baught liberyt air earbuds and need some guidance, only the right one is flashing the left isnt. i pust them in the case on charge right now so what will i do next to use the both and pair them to my phone, thanks …

This is basically a guide to how to pair the device to your phone.

it is LP1 and i cant find it on the app, now the case is charging and only the right flashing when i take it out of the case, how can i turn on the left ?

@ahmedotako99 have you checked the contacts to make sure there is nothing covering them, like little bits of plastic film?

If the contacts seem fine and the issues continues after you have given the case a full charge with the buds inside, you may need to reach out to for additional support or replacement.

Hey there, let’s see if any of the following tips are helpful:

  1. Make sure the charging case has enough power (at least two white indicators on the case). Note: after the earbuds are fully charged, the steady white light on the earbuds will shut off.
  2. Take the earbuds out of the case and see if a flashing white light comes on. If it doesn’t, try manually pressing the button or touchpad of the earbuds to power them on.
  3. Try to use a terrycloth/cotton swab with a bit of alcohol to clean the contact pins both in the charging case and on earbuds to ensure a better connection.

If you’re still experiencing the issue after all that, please contact us via

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yes , i removed them then put the buds to charge for a while, right one is flashing and i connected to the phone and its working , the left still down with no light

they are new. i put them to charge in the case forl all night, only the right is flashing and i connected it to my phone, the left one still down with no flashing or working at all!

Seems you’ve covered the main troubleshooting steps, contact support on the email address provided above.