Life Q35 initial thoughts.

I was just watching the Mark Rober livestream and the audio was lossless, I use a MacBook Pro and that is where I can really see the LDAC kicking in. The unboxing experience was great (my video will be up soon). The wear detection was great, but the sensor is only on the right side, but in the app I believe you can turn it off. I can’t say anything on the battery yet since I used it for barely an hour. The headphone itself is really nice, the blue in the pictures looks really light but it is actually dark blue and it looks fantastic. The clamp is a bit stronger than I expected, it is quite tight for me but I dont mind. The noise cancellation is amazing. WAY better than my $150 non-soundcore amazon headphones. The app is also great! I love the noise cancellation modes and transparency mode is great too, though I haven’t gotten to use it much yet. The Q35’s are amazing! Just my quick 1 hour review on the Q35’s!

Thanks to all the people at Soundcore for sending these to me and I will post my video on these soon (stay tuned).

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That was not LDAC you saw kicking in on your MacBook Pro, because Macs don’t support LDAC.


i think mine does, it said so in the mac bluetooth settings

@aj71 Thanks for the more info about Q35. Waiting for the reviews.
The sound is great because it is a blue color (not beige :rofl: :grin:).

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Hmmm I didn’t know Mac supported ldac I thought that was just an android thing as of now but I could be mistaken for sure

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I’m getting jealous, as mine keep getting bumped… now expected Tuesday…

Hope UpS isn’t using a dog sled to get them here… no snow left… 25c today…

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Haha I was jealous of the others. But the wait is so worth it. It is great!

@TheSnarkyOne What area of Canada do you live in? I associate dog sledding with Klondike and “gold rush”. Is it really the mail in winter is delivered by dog sleds🤔 or is this a joke😄?

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I am jalous even more because I will not receive those :rofl:

No just joking around, as I’d imagine only the far North would still have dog sleds.

I am more south western. Yea haw :thinking:

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Care to provide a screenshot of that? It’s just impossible that you’d have LDAC on a Mac. :slight_smile:

You can easily check which codec is used on your Macbook by connecting your Q35’s to Macbook, then pressing Option/Alt key and then right-clicking on the bluetooth icon in the menu bar and hovering with your mouse cursor over Soundcore Life Q35 on the list. And then you’ll see which codec is being used. Most likely SBC by default, unless you tinkered with the settings. :wink:


Waiting for that screenshot proof :wink:


Hmm here is a screen shot.21%20PM doesn’t say anything about codecs

Oh, actually you have to play some music/sound first and then check your menu bar to see which codec is being used…

Try again: connect your headphones, play some random music on your MBP and then check the menu bar while the music is playing and Bluetooth is transmitting it to your Q35’s.

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Nothing changes for me. Strange. Maybe it’s cuz I am on Mac OS Big Sur

Yeah I saw it somewhere but can’t remember where!

Strange question but are you on an m1 Mac or an intel Mac?

Edit: unless you changed something or there are huge differences with an M1 Mac in audio that I just don’t know about I’m relatively sure you are not experiencing ldac, in fact I think you are using SBC codec. Unless you did some changes which I think could get you to aptX or AAC but not by default. There is a chance I’m wrong but I just spend a while research and playing with my Mac and having a friend do the same on their Mac and neither of us have ldac.

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I have an intel one, really want a Apple silicon one tho

That’s weird. It should work on Big Sur too, afaik.

Maybe you can try the procedure again:

Big Sur Bluetooth settings hides the Codecs in use now.

Having tested these on my MacBook Pro 2020 M1, I can confirm that this model does not have LDAC. When looking at the Apple specifications, the Mac range does not ship with LDAC codecs and would have to have an external DAC / Amp such as the FiiO BTR5.

Just to clarify, the Mac range uses SBC or AAC for Bluetooth as this is the standard the Apple have chosen to stick with. It’s vastly improved if you use an auxiliary cable from headphone out to the Q35s.

Android Phones are a little different, most Samsungs support LDAC but need developer options enabled and then LDAC set as standard for connection types first. Most handsets have a minimum of SBC and AAC but a lot do have aptX and aptX HD included (and typically shown on the boxes).

Hopefully that clears things up a little?