Life Q35 Unboxing and First Impressions

Hey everyone, hope you are all doing well. Here is my unboxing of the new Soundcore Life Q35. I received these very recently and a full review will be coming later when I have had more time to fully test them. For those interested here is my unboxing and first impressions of the new headphones.

The Box:
Front of Box:

This shows a picture of the headphones, the 40hr playtime they are advertising, the AI-enhanced calls, the smart wear detection, Hi-Res audio, and Hi-Res wireless audio as well as LDAC support.

Back of Box:

This shows the multimode noise-canceling feature of indoor, outdoor and transport. as well as a quick display of the features: Hi-Res audio wireless, smart wear detection, 40-hour playtime, crystal clear calls via two mics and ai noise reduction, 5 minutes charge for 4 hours play, NFC pairing, and touch for transparency. I will be testing these features to see if they meet Soundcore’s claims in my full review to come.

Sides of Box:


First, it should be noted that the box opens by having the top slide off, this can sometimes take time to slowly open. Upon opening the box, you are greeted by this nice wrapping paper and sticker that gives it a more premium feel in the unboxing, unlike the usual unboxing where the headphones are simply right there in the box.

Once undoing the sticker, which is quite easy I might add, you are greeted with the nice hard-shell case that holds the headphones and underneath that is all the paperwork that usually comes with a pair of Soundcore headphones.

What’s Inside:

As mentioned in the packaging part inside the box is the headphone case with headphones and the paperwork.

The case:

The hard-shell case has a nice soft texture to it which is really satisfying to the touch. However, I do think this will make it harder to clean if you get it dirty or wet. I am also not sure how well the soft feeling will hold up over time and with it being moved in and out of a bag for travel. There is branding of Soundcore written on the front in a silvery-white color as well as Soundcore branding on the zipper. Underneath the headphones is a little diagram that shows you the proper way to put the headphones back in the case.

The paperwork

As mentioned before this paperwork can be found underneath the headphone case in the box at the very bottom.

The top paper is the happy/not happy paper. If you are happy, it leads you to ways you can spread the good word about Soundcore and if you are not happy then it shows you ways to get in touch with customer support.
The next paper is the QuickStart guide which I have included pictures of all the pages s
The final paper in the box is the warranty and warnings for the headphones.

The Accessories

Once you get inside the case you are greeted by the headphones as well as a small little pouch that holds the accessories. In this pouch holds the USB A to USB C charging cable for the headphones, the aux cable with a built-in microphone and button for when you desire a wired connection, and an airplane headphone adapter. This is slightly different than the Q30s from my understanding which had a pouch on the side of the case that held the accessories.

The Headphones:

And last but not least is the headphones in the case that are surrounded by some packing foam to keep them from getting damaged in shipping. The foam does not appear to be something that is meant to be a permanent part of the case and therefore will most likely be discarded.

First Impressions:


I have these in the obsidian blue color and personally, I think they look great, but the color is all a matter of personal preference. Below are some pictures for you to decide yourself how you think they look since this is very subjective to each person’s opinions.

Build Quality

The headphones do feel nice in my opinion. I was able to stretch them out without having them crack break or feel questionable in hand. The slider to adjust the size, however, does make a really loud sound as it clicks into place. while this does affect how it performs is does make me rather conscious when adjusting it and can be awkward in rather quiet places. The earpads feel nice and are rather thick and plushy. I do with that they were easily replaceable and that Soundcore would offer replacements in the future since eventually they will get worn out with time and use. The earcups rotate and pivot as well to try to help find a nice fit. They can lay flat on a table or be folded to fit in their case. The metal/plastic is a fingerprint magnet I must say. Within a couple of minutes of just taking them out of the box, there were fingerprints everywhere.

Obvious Features

The sticker on the right ear cup shows where to top the headphones to pair using NFC. Personally, I like that these headphones have NFC pairing but do not think many people take advantage of it. The other thing the sticker displays is that the right ear cups is where you can touch for 1 second for transparency mode. There are buttons on the bottom of both earcups. The bottom of the right earcups has your play pause, volume up and down buttons as well as the aux in port for when a wired connection is desired. The bottom of the left earcup has the USB C charging port and the power button which can also be used to put the headphones into pairing mode and the NC button.

Thank you all for reading my unboxing and first impressions. I will be dropping a review soon once I have fully tested these headphones. If you have any questions, I will do my best to answer them. I hope everyone has a great day and a wonderful week.


Loved reading your first impressions @ktkundy :+1:t2:

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Looking forward to your review. So this is essentially a Q30 with LDAC support and better out of box tuning? I wonder if they will sell the cable with inline mic separately, I hope the wired mic is a vast improvement from the ones on the unit itself.

I don’t remember the last time i saw those ports on an airplane, seems pretty niche, I wonder why they decided to include it in the box - feels like e-waste to me.

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Thanks for taking the time to do the Unboxing and First Impression write up. Nice camera work by the way! I look forward to seeing your in-depth review.


This is a great unboxing+first impression review @ktkundy!

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while I haven’t gotten to test the mic yet I do think they should be an improvement and might potentially solve problems with laptops. While I don’t have the q30s to compare looking at the stats of them the differences are in the LDAC support which for some is big and for others not, there is also wear detection that will auto pause the music when it is removed from your head. The ear pads are also potentially better (hard for me to judge since I do not have the Q30s). They also claim to have enhanced microphones that use AI to enhance the calls on the Q35s. Other than that as of right now those are the only differences I can see. The colors might also be slightly different and potentially software down the line might but that I don’t really know much about and could be totally wrong there.

Also the headphone adapter is my guess something to be a premium headphone and is a nice addition in case you ever do need it. The Sony headphones I have also have this airplane adapter which is a nice thing if you do ever find yourself needing this adapter.

Nice detailed report / impressions.

I second the “nice camerawork” comment. Very nicely done.

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Thanks @TheSnarkyOne and @Steve976 I had to get creative since I couldn’t go outside. Been having crazy weather where I am yesterday was sunny, raining and then hail all within an hour and crazy wind for all of it . Means a lot to know people like my photos


Nice unboxing and nice pictures.

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Wow I finally read yours since I finally got a chance to open my box as well. The case is actually really nice for sure and while I do like the color but I would’ve liked a slightly lighter color

Really nice and detailed first impressions!

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Amazing, How much paid? :blush: I’ll wait for the Q40.

By the way: The Q40 will come this christmas. As I heard with aptX-support. :flushed:

Where did you “hear” that? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: