Life Tune Pro = Offline Q35?

My birthday was this past weekend, so I was looking for more Soundcore products to fill my collection (I just started). I came across a listing at Costco for “Soundcore by Anker Life Tone Pro ANC High Res Wireless Headphones.”

I assumed that this was an offline version of something like the Life Tune XRs are essentially Q30s. But Life Tune Pro?

Listed in the description is:

  • Active Noise Cancelling with 3 Different ANC Modes
  • LDAC Hi-Res Bluetooth Wireless, CD Like Audio
  • Crystal Clear Calls with 2-Mic Noise Reduction Technology
  • Long Playtime with 40 hours in ANC Mode, 60 hours in Normal Mode
  • Wearing Detection, Pauses Playback When Removed and Resumes When Worn

This sounds a LOT like the Q35s. They are listed at $99.99 for a limited time.

If this is indeed the Q35s in disguise, it’s a fantastic deal if you’re a Costco member! Looks like the sale is listed as ending 6/20/21 While supplies last.


I think you are right, they seem to have the same features as the Q35! That’s a great deal, considering you get all that for only $20 more than the Q30.

Appreciate the thread and it is a good catch. So for the eagle eye community members we have another brand to look for for the q35.

@RaphStarr Thanks for posting this. I think one of my sons back in Michigan has a membership to Costco. With Fathers Day coming up, I might have to drop a hint. I’m just messing around - sort of. :laughing:

If he has the Executive membership, you’ll be helping him meet the annual break even goal if he gets them for you. Just saying…

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They do seem really similar not sue what the actual difference is

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So I’d be doing him a favor. I like the way you think. :laughing:

I thought the same when it came to the Q30s and Life Tune XR. I did see that the Tune Pros are now in the Soundcore App.

If the product code is A3030 then that matches Anker statement in February.


The price matching of physical stores “offline” means they prefer a different product name and code from the online competition so you get identical products but different names.

It makes business sense as each offline online can run their of own promotions without price matching.

Accept that it does cause these very threads…


Very nice find, and a great bargain. Those do look a lot like the Q35s.

Wonder did anybody do a check on the photos between the two?

Thank you for that clarification.

Here is the photo check.


Yep just as they compare in the app also.

I can understand why Soundcore does it for commercial reasons, affords more pricing flexibility, but it does just add confusion with the consumer. It is what it is.

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Thanks for the photos.
They look the same only for the $ 30 difference.

I was looking at the photos on Costco’s site earlier and the only real difference I noticed was they didn’t have the S shaped foam piece pictured in the case (might still be included, but it wasn’t pictured). I couldn’t tell 100% if it the Blue or Black. Lastly I couldn’t see a picture of the aux cord to see if the mic was included in this version. I also didn’t see it mentioned (again that doesn’t mean it’s not included). Other than that it looks and seems to be identical.

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I strongly suspect the Q35 will be $99 soon and be a regular price, to then wobble down at times to the $70-$80 region.

At any particular time the Q35 or Life Tune Pro will be lower cost - that’s the whole point of them being separate but identical products. Right now in EU the Q35 is discounted, I’d expect it to be so soon in USA.


I don’t know if this is always the case but I’ve noticed that the tune products are usually cheaper on initial release but after the normal launch product like the q35 starts to get heavily discounted the tune seems to then not be discounted as much

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@The_Professor Yesterday, the price of the Q35 also on was 99.99 euros.So we will have a lot of promotional prices for Q35.

I’ll let you guys know mine got delivered today but I was out of town


Thank you for letting us know for sure. Hope you enjoy your Life Tune pro (or Q35) :slight_smile:

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