Motion Boom Vs Motion Plus

Shivam… thats true story… I did cancel … then after thinking about it more and the boom went from 1 review to 8 reviews on amazon… All killer reviews and thats when I went and asked my wife to please order this since I have no control of our prime account… 1 review in particular the guy talks about how this one is better than the older soundcore speaker and in his photos he too has a motion plus… also it showed up a day early…not complainin… but I did this after readin the reviews and with intention of getting it in time to still get the motion plus on sale if I decide to go that route!!!


Chiquinho… good mornin!! Hey there’s no doubt why they call it the boom… this speaker pounds!!! Didn’t think it would have the clarity of the motion plus but if ya tune it correctly in the app I think it is so close its crazy… along with that bass … everything else is impressive too.doesnt matter if its top back from ti or same ol situation from motley cruel lol… really impressive!!! It sounds beautiful!! Had about an hr with it last night since we have 3 kiddos all under age of 7 and I just won’t crank a speaker like this till I get some time with it but at 50 percent volume its loud and just as loud as motion plus at 50 pecent after havun the plus for a couple weeks!!!I really really REALLY LIKE THIS BOOM!!! Today I’m takin the boom to work instead of the plus and at 330 today when I punch off the clock I will give more detailed review but man just messing with it a bit… the carrying handle its slick…and it just looks mean…and it is!!!


Good morning Queen Magic!! My initial thoughts are this… the boom def has more bass… what is very surprising to me is the mids and highs… or the clarity… wasn’t expecting this to sound as rich or as beautiful as the motion plus but I think if it’s tuned correctly in the soundcore app it is so close to motion plus in overall sound… not sure how they did that as thus only has the 2 speakers but it is awesome!!! And today I will test it for bout 6 hrs and come back on here. For last 2 weeks I’ve used my plus everyday at work and at home just listening… to me that is the best sounding bt speaker I’ve heard under 300 bucks… better than my harmon kardon onyx studio 4…better than the bose revolve and the revolve plus… but my first impression of the boom after tuning it is that this thing also sounds phenomenal !!! Didnt go over 50 percent volume but that will change today!!!

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Thanks for your thoughts on this new speaker :grin:

Glad to know it is better than a Bose

Duane my oldest brother has the bose revolve and the bose revolve plus… both the motion plus and boom I would take over those…and he would say the same!!! Have a good day and will give some more thoughts a lil later but so far I love it!!

For me it looks like a tough outdoor and “workshop” speaker.
I got the motion + which is really good.
But I use my speakers indoor and always in the same place,
which I optimized after a lot of experiments.
(The location is much more important than an eq. :wink:)

I forgot this was coming out. I was about to purchase motion plus or one of the big Rave/Trance speakers that I could use outside. Might try this one out instead.

Makes sense. Better to try and return if you dislike than not try at all (that is if you have extra money to spend :joy:). Sounds like these are very good which I was expecting them to be based on Soundcore products at that price

As far I see the boom got no tweeters, the + got these.

Chiquinho… no doubt about that buddy and all those things ya say are part of reason I canceled my first order… that bein said it does sound beautiful!!! Nother thing that is surprising me about it is that it is twice the size of motion plus but be willing to bet it maybe weighs half of what the motion plus does. And for me when I’m at home my motion plus gets used in 3 places… on a wine shelf in kitchen for the upstairs … it adds lil bass and is placed in corner of kitchen facing it and the living room… downstairs in bedroom which I put it in corner of room we have raised edges 3/4 way up our walls thats like a shelf goin round most of room or in the bathroom gettin cleaned up lol. Read a review bout yr ago a guy did saying with these speakers a lot of it is from the placement, chiquinho… man I canceled first order cuz I looked at the specs on this thing and the biggest thing for me is sound so less speakers no apt x and thought no way this will sound as good or better than my plus. And I am not a bass junkie I like more treble and lean towards 50s 60s 70s rock n roll but this motion boom is sound wise almost identical to plus but with more bass if you want it. How they did that I have no idea I will say like if ya play something with a ton of instruments goin on maybe ya hear all the instruments a tad better but with only bout 4 hrs on it now I personally am leaning towards the boom!! And it does look more rugged etc im not sure it really is I mean both are waterproof and again its bigger but much lighter and I do like the handle lol… didn’t think I would but I do. T

hat also bein said the 1 deal breaker for me to keep the plus is when I’m at work I like to set the speaker up on dash of vehicle… the motion plus fits there PERFECTLY… and I’ve gotten many compliments and questions over last 2 weeks about it but yesterday I tried to set this in there and it just does not fit so instead of havin it facing eye level with me goin right at me I had to set the boom down by me feet which was best place I could find for it in work vehicle so that too is gonna play a role in decision I make today

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Element 321… ive had harmon kardon onyx studio 4 jbl extreme 2 and id take either 1 of these over those I took the extreme 2 back when I got motion plus 2 weeks ago… motion plus is loud and just sounds phenomenal and man its on sale for 79.99 right now but this boom is very similar its bigger than plus but weighs less and soundwise what im finding is it has more bass but doesn’t quite I mean its close but doesn’t quite have the clarity if motion plus but it does have twice the rated battery life and altho I didn’t like the look of handle right away it has grown on me and now I dig it but before ya grab a rave id grab 1 of the 2 or actually grab 2 of em… today I decide which one is gettin a twin brother!!! But man these things hit weigh above their price and thats no bs… they sound amazing and I messaged soundcore ya can pair the boom for true stereo sound just as ya can the motion plus

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You did it well.
Playing around a lot.

I told you, my speakers are really (except vacations) always at the same place.
( I can look at it, same height ears & eyes, thats the best location I found)
Enjoy Sunday!

By the way, the road seems icy! :smile:
Same here, over the pond.

Chiquinho… I always appreciate your thoughts and suggestions when I’ve posted or asked somethin on here!! Thank you for that and for also always bein cool!!! Have a great day buddy!!!

Thank you!
Hope you too have a great Sunday and let me offer you
virtual chocolate “Nikolaus” from Munich (Bavaria)! over the pond

We celebrate this “Nikolaustag” here today.
Not known in USA/UK so far.
But at the moment there is not much of a celebration.
By the way our Nikolaus is not the Santa Claus you know, :rofl:

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Great to see you enjoying the new boom. Looks pretty sharp.

I’ll keep that in mind. The battery just went out in my 2+ year old Boost so I need to replace it. I can at least plug the Boost into a batter pack or plug it into a wall charger and it works. When I get tired of lugging around an extra battery, I purchase one of these.

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I am playing around now with that mini 3 I got donated.

A really interesting speaker regarding weight, battery life and smallness.
I found out some interesting “specialties” of that new model.
I never got such speaker with “speaker on top” concept
so I will do more research about.
But this is a speaker you should take a look at,.

I’m interesting comparing the Mini 2 and Mini 3. I have a Mini 2 and it sounds good but doesn’t put a lot base out for some songs. I’m wondering if the sound quality has gotten better or if I should get another Mini 2 and pair them up and see if I like the sound they produce together.

Yes this would be an interesting comparing.
But no one or the active regulars here has both models, so far I know.
Two are always better than one.

Even the little Icon mini got a quite good sound when paired.
(But this one needs really adjusted by an eq)
It seems to be no more available now.