Motion+ Volume control not subtle enough

I’ve just bought a motion+ and the sound quality is awesome.
The volume control is not incremental enough though. On one ‘volume step’ the sound is too low to fully appreciate the music, on the next step up it’s too loud to work along with in my Covid home office space. This is the same however I regulat the sound (via the motion+ button, the soundcore App, or the phone/laptop volume control.
Can something be done via the firmware to add an extra ‘volume step’ or a more incremental ‘rotary control’ via the App ?

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I don’t have a motion+ , but that sounds like a good suggestion. The feature on Soundcore app should be an option.

I have such a m+.
We do some tests later.
But I dont use the App.

Motion + is feature rich, does not need the app much… I too don’t use it for Flare 2 or Rave mini

I never used the app.
The eqs which are embedded in banshee (LINUX) and JetAudio (Andriod)
offers all possibilities for adjustment I need.
(Just heard all beaches will be closed in CA. too bad :sob: )

Made some tests.
No such issues.
The button and the volume control on my laptop both are working perfectly.
No such “jumps”

This is the volume I use here in my tiny, lousy home office ( ca 16 sqm) :wink:


Its about 25% enough for a perfect listening to “La Traviata”.
(Even in the kitchen on the other side of the corridor its perfect!) :smile:

I have the same issue with my Soundcore Motion+, but only when controlling the volume via:
(1) The volume control buttons on the Soundcore
(2) My Andriod phone (Independent of the app I use to play music).

I have a much more granular control from my Windows 10 laptop.
The granularity from my laptop is +/- 2, instead of +/- 6 (or bigger, it seems progressive with the volume level) for (1) and (2).

So, the device is capable of a much more granular control.
Unfortunately not from (1) or (2).
Hopefully this can be fixed (Soundcore engineers?), because it is quite annoying on a for the rest very nice bluetooth speaker.