Motion x600 custom EQ thread!

Let’s see all your custom EQ settings!!! considering soundcore made them shareable now…


[wl**************] share Custom EQ from Motion X600 with you. To use, copy the link and open the speaker homepage on the soundcore app.

One I got currently for low volume rock/metal on data saving with bass and spatial turned ON!:slight_smile:


Mine is a nice balanced setting with deep bass and crisp highs.
To use, copy the link and open the speaker homepage on the soundcore app.


Sounds pretty decent to be fair my one definitely has a more boosted sound but for balance this isn’t bad at all

Very good eq settings, do you use it with bass on ? Thanks for sharing :+1:

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I’ve always said there is no such thing as Best EQ Setting. People hear differently, have different preferences, listen to different genres of music, and speaker placement also effects what would sound best. Best EQ is an exercise in futility. It’s just what sounds best to each individual user. IMHO

PS Heck I don’t keep my EQ the same. I change it depending on how the recording is mastered. So many variables.


My preset for bass and good vocals at medium volume. I have only had a chance to test it in rooms, not in open space. Make sure to have “bass up” and “spatial” audio on.


Fine don’t share lol

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Sounds pretty good FairPlay

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Ive noticed, on custom eq’s the speaker’s 50W limit doesnt handle well with custom eq’s, so for max volume times, its best to use soundcore signature as thats what is right on the limit

Thanks, I’m very relieved to know it’s alright with you if I don’t share. I can sleep again at night now. lol

Seriously though, never in my life have I been stumped at as to what would sound best to me. Never have I said to myself now that I see someone else’s EQ the world now makes sense. I’ve never understood why people want to know what sounds best to someone else. Now if someone doesn’t know how to adjust an EQ, I’m more than happy to explain how it works, but I can’t ever tell someone what would sound best to them.

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Well they made them shareable for a reason if you don’t wanna share why bother commenting ? Its mice to have other eq settings already made for when you do have a different genre or whatever changes that make you want to adjust, id much rather switch to something someones premade and make slight adjustments then go in and totally re make a fresh one and miss out on the enjoyment of the music i listen to over 60 genres on a playlist of over 50.000 songs the more eq settings I have readily available the better plus its just nice to see what others are getting out of their speakers and yeah obviously everyones perception will be different and that makes it that much cooler

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When a song comes on, if it doesn’t sound good, it only takes me a few seconds to tweak my EQ. Maybe it’s just easier for me to do then it is for some others to do so. Like I said, I don’t mind explaining how an EQ works, but I’d never want to presume to tell someone what would sound best to them.

Whatever dude i bet you don’t even have the 600 if you did you’d have jumped on the opportunity to test the new feature and yes i also can adjust an eq in seconds to make it sound better but to fine tune an eq for specific things on full band properly takes time hence having them saved just makes it easier the whole point of the post was to test the new feature and give people the opportunity to use the new feature bucease its fun
Look how many people went and stole Alan ross reviews eq settings for like every previous speaker most people cant be bothered to sit and play with it personally i love playing with it but it is addictive and therefore i prefer presets as ill be missing loads else absoluta fine tuning for every different part of a song
Now please stop being a plonker cuz you’re quickly ruining this community for me by being condescending for absolutely no reason go back to facebook where thats accepted



Dude you’re ancient I’ll have the last laugh wait and see

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@willswildstrings, appreciate the EQ for those that wants it and nice thread for the 600.

@Steve976 is also correct on the EQ as well. If he is ancient or not :rofl: , we all have different hearing ability and one EQ may sound awful to another.

It may be cause some of us (ie me included) are ancient and understand our loud music from the past has our ears not a pristine as our youth or it could just be we know another man’s treasure is another man’s trash per say.

So let’s be more civil on here to each other



What do you mean ancient or not? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I was LMAO when I read that. Too funny @Duane_Lester.

[gilbertgonzalez8359] share Custom 1 EQ from Motion X600 with you. To use, copy the link and open the speaker homepage on the soundcore app.


Brilliant mate