Never had a better experience

The order option was insanely efficient and quick, and the shipping was just mind-blowing. Got them in 4 days (Weekend in between). The earbuds (p2 life mini) connected to my phone miraculously easy. The sound is great and they work great.
Amazing service and product! Thanks guys!


Great that you like the earbuds.
Keep visiting this forum and read about earbuds, speakers etc.
And there are really interesting threads about music, you should not miss.

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I’m happy to read you like your new Earbuds and that the order process was smooth! :+1:


It’s great that you are satisfied :+1:t2:.
Soundcore makes a lot of good products. My favorites are: Liberty 2 Pro, Motion Boom and Life Q35. Pay attention to them when you still want to buy something.

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