New liberty air 2 update

New update add touch tone
Plus connectivity updates.

Yes. It also add faster battery discharge…

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Another update was released today. 4.30. They probably corrected the problem with fast battery discharging…


Thanks have to look into it.

That’s for the first hardware version I guess.
The latest hardware was also updated to 10.12.

Yes. First hardware version have all function controls now. One touch, one touch long press, two touch and auto-pause.

@razor974 Do either one of you have the white set?

I have the black ones.

I hawe both. White for me and black for my wife.

Is there still a difference between the two?

No difference. But both are version with autopause function.

But it seems that they not resolved the battery life problem with this update, or is partly resolved. They take ~ 50% of battery life only with a firmware update, probably because of bluetooth connection optimisations. I expect to loose 50% of battery life after 2 years of using them, not with a firmware update…

I haven’t been updating mine since I got them because they work so well. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

Does the 4.30 still have the option to manually turn off the earbuds with 8" hold?

Any chance to enable or create Spatial audio or something like that on liberty air 2 like airpods pro?

what do you think guys?

Liberty Air 2 has no In-Ear detection sensor… but when put off the buds from ear sensor is working well…

kindly add the same… :pray:t2: please

We discuss here about battery life from earbuds…

Guys, I received my Liberty Air 2 recently and it has been updated to 10.12 without automatic pause. Do you know what the difference is between versions 4.30 and 10.12? Is there any change in audio quality?

Only difference I know of is the 4 has auto pause and the 10. Version does not. Other then that they should be the same.

why do some get 10.12 and other ones 4.30??? different countries?
I’m from Austria

It has already been discussed in various topics.
The product was first released with a proximity sensor and had an auto-pause function. These batches at the moment have the 4.30 firmware.

At some point, the company manufactured a newer hardware version of the same product without the sensor and thus no auto-pause function. These have the 10.12 firmware.