NEW Soundcore Life A2 NC+ vs Life A2 NC & Life P3 Live Comparison

I didn’t realize Soundcore had updated the Life A2 NC. So I bought a set off Amazon and did a live comparison. Check it out if you are interested.


Nice comparison. Great help for anyone who needs to make decision on a new purchase. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for the share. Is there a text summary?

The battery inside the buds are identical from teardowns, so battery life is up for other reasons, such as more efficient or its actually the same but measured different.

Watched your video to the end. I’d be guarded just on unboxing on selecting based on battery life as it’s not measured. Unless Soundcore come here and tell us, I’d just warn it could be different circumstances. Wild example guess - the higher battery life is only with BT 5.2 so unless your phone is also BT5.2 you’ll not see more battery life.

If battery life is the main criteria, I’d wait for a measurement.

As for stem vs stem-less, the teardowns of the most recent stem P2i does hint there’s headroom to make a LA2P thinner stem. No inside knowledge just looking at released products’ insides. That may make stem more attractive as the stem makes the bud in the ear smaller which suits some ears.

Source of image for A2 NC
Source of images for A2 NC+

The A2 NC internal battery


The NC2+ internal battery


As you can see - identical. So battery life increase is not battery larger so either is a different measurement or more efficient electronics.

The PCB of NC

image image image

The PCB of the NC+

My guess is the electronics are more efficient and/or if your phone is BT 5.2 you are consuming less power. If the latter then battery life improvement will be narrower if your phone is less than BT 5.2 such as a BT 5.0 phone. On reading the SoC I expect the chip is actually more efficient so I’m expecting even if you do use BT 5.0 phone you’re going to see some battery improvement. How Soundcore measured it will need them to chime in.

Now as to extrapolation, so guesswork. Here is the inside of the LA2P which is a BT 5.0


So you can see what an engineer could do to this product “LA3P+”. No I’m not claiming knowledge this is just looking inside and wondering.

Thanks for posting the comparison @EL_JEFE_REVIEWS. :+1:

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Appreciate your insight my good man. You are a trustworthy friend for good music

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