Noob Question Incoming!

I’m new to Soundcore products after purchasing Life Q30 headphones. I’m about to buy a Motion Boom Plus (or 2!) after finding out I can connect them to my laptop. I’m a hobbyist DJ and use a Rane One controller and was planning on using the Boom Plus speakers paired to my laptop for mobile use (i.e. house parties/family functions etc).
I realise there isn’t an app for PC for Soundcore products so my question is could I use the app on my phone to change the sound profile of the speakers even though they’re paired to my laptop?
I look forward to hearing your answers, thanks

Is it possible , yes but I do not think it is in the way that you would want it to be. (Ps, I am not an extensive speaker user due to son)

I think to change the profiles, you will have to connect to the phone, change each profile and then connect the one back to the pc and then connect both speakers to each others…

I think it would not be a good process for a dj.

It may be better to set set the speakers with a specific eq and then have an eq app for the pc and change it from there… hope others can express a better way or verify my thoughts

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The short answer is Yes. You can connect the Speaker to your App on your phone and set the EQ. It will store the settings on your speaker. However, If you want to readjust the EQ, you will have to reconnect to your phone.

PS I have 2 Motion Booms hooked up via TWS and love them. If it was me I’d buy 2 of them and use them in TWS. That way you can separate them and have True Wireless Stereo. I have tons of Soundcore equipment, and to this day the Motion Boom is still my favorite. Lastly a lot of people actually prefer the sound of the Motion Boom over the Motion Boom+.

Even my Cat loves them (Bob Seger - Turn The Page was playing)


Thanks for the reply guys, much appreciated!

It’s good to know that the profiles are stored on the speakers themselves as I didn’t come across this info in any of the videos I watched on YouTube. I did however hear the the Motion Boom sounded better than the Motion Boom+ even though the + is a lot louder!

As for DJing with them, it will never be on a pro basis, just family gatherings and such plus I had the thought of connecting the speakers via 3.5mm aux cables into a splitter then into the laptop. I’m looking into software EQ for the PC now as that could also be an option.

Again, thanks for the feedback.


Here’s my review of my 2 Booms in case you’re interested (You can click on the link to read the whole thread).

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