Photo Of The Week | Summer Is Here!

It’s time to get in the summer mood! It’s my favorite time of the year! :beach_umbrella::sunny:

Show us how you enjoy the summer sun!

Post your entries below! :camera_flash:

New York City’s newest park, Little Island during sunset. Then and now:




@Dez_S Nice photos.
What’s sticking out of the water?

I am figuring old dock post but it is just a guess.

@Dez_S Lovely pictures … I believe the pictures are needing the soundcore product in there as well.

Have you been in the park ive been wanting to go but have only seen it from afar

Nice photos

Those are pillars shaped as tulips supporting a man made park called “Little Island”

Yes, those are old wood piles in the water.

It didn’t mention in the title, so I just posted what I find fun to do during the Summer :slight_smile:

Yes, I went inside Opening Night:



I hear ya and I love the photos.

I did not want you to miss out either.

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This looks like it’s from the jersey side, no?

I was pretty close to watch the fireworks, for Henry Hudson’s 400th anniversary of his expedition, July 4th 2009… it was mighty impressive, all the barges… crazy to see a park in place there now.

Great photos

When the weather is beautiful and sunny, it is best to lie down on a deckchair :+1:.
My Liberty 2 Pro also love to do this :smiley: :rofl:!


Thanks :slight_smile:

No, this is from the Manhattan side. Approximately W 13th Street & West Street.


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Nice pictures

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again very nice pictures.

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Thank you very much - I’m glad you like my photos :slightly_smiling_face:.

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During work, I enjoy walking in the city to be in the sun and seeing the activity of the city.


Nice pictures

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During Summer, even if we have Covid19, the theme parks open up again.
Having taken these pictures today during our family visit to one of the theme parks. :balloon::tada::sunny:

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Nice looking park. Kids loved those cars when younger

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Well if I can get to the water at the lake this summer, I’ll be doing my darnedest to catch some fish… my fav hooks, and earbuds and just in case… a Collin chan custom anker powerbank… aptly named “Floyd”


However, the lake is really low… good news easy to social distance on the beach… lol…