Points from ANKER forum have been transmitted

Seems our points from Anker’s forum has been transmitted.
Lets see what is happening now.

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Level 19, not too bad :slightly_smiling_face: only 30000 to the next tickets or notes :open_mouth:

Probably not the best time to do it, seeming as me and @Insider have booted @TechMan @Tank & @Shenoy from the top spot on the referrals board :innocent:

I take it this will be rectified @Loz to those with highest actual referrals as it seems unfair to the previous top 3…and to future physical referrers in coming months…


Well alrighty then, I got all new workers to sign up and now its moot. Oh well, was a nice try none the less. I’ll see if I can find some more people to sign up.

Cheers @ndalby and @Insider on a nice comfy level

Well they got the upper level Anker users, I still have not got my small amount from Anker yet. Or I would be at almost 6000 k. Lol.

Well I think I just need 1600 sign ups to overtake @Insider this month. I think that is can be done. Lol

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Didn’t think we would end up so far in the levels but the timing was not the best…hopefully they will figure out a way to split points from the referrals, otherwise its gonna be a real mess going forward for the referrals for prizes board…

Wonder who @Daiross is, not on the Anker community as that name :thinking:

Yeah I have no idea who that person is, I was wondering that myself. And yeah the points is just all jacked up, I want my lead back

I think the leaderboard will be re-adjusted to show actual and exclude transfers.

As things currently stand, this month’s leaderboard is completely not relevant.

The also waited long enough that I just barely hit level 10 in the rollover, and did not get the notes that would have come with it if they had rolled over earlier and I had gotten it myself. Not terribly happy with that outcome.

This just straight up isn’t fair. Point transfer should not count towards the monthly contest.

Who likes this?

  • I like the point transfer
  • I dislike the point transfer

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I’m in the middle, so neutral :wink:

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Wow, everyone is seriously high level now lol😅


If you didn’t get any notes for leveling up, you got hit hard. Looks like it took you straight from below level 16 to past level 19, so missed out on 240+480 notes - well over the flare you might win. @TechMan is partly upset about being knocked off this months referral leaderboard, but also about those 240 notes he missed at level 16. I am irritated about missing points at level 10, but the number is smaller. And I had already been knocked down to the #4 spot by the point system that I think over emphasizes referrals anyway.

I get why they thought a points transfer might be positive initially, but I’m not seeing how it works out well for anyone here, except those getting a one time win on the leaderboard (if they let that stand).

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You guys jumped a lot… I be the low guy for y’all lol

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Don’t get it rob. What do you like about the point transfer? There seems to be no positives…

I’m sure there is a reason to their method of madness, you might not get it now but give it time and see how things play out

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Can see why some are upset, personally not too fussed myself…the notes and tickets would have been nice but I can live without them…the passes are pretty much a US only deal, so nothing lost there for me anyhow…

Probably would have been best waiting until the leaderboard had been reset for the month or ensuring that the monthly leaderboard was excluded from the transfer prior to pulling the trigger, I’m sure they’ll figure it out somehow…

Wonder if mine transferred?