Rowing Across The Atlantic | #SoundcoreSundays

Happy Sunday everyone!

We have an awesome #SoundcoreSundays episode for you this week.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Atlantic Antics this week, to learn more about their world record attempt and what it’s going to take to row across the Atlantic.

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Atlantic Antics are rowing across the ocean in world-record time, testing the limits of their friendship, physical strength, and most importantly, their playlist.

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Happy #SoundcoreSunday

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I will listen to it later as I got my in laws here today. Will say thank you for those L2pros and being able drown out the sounds. :rofl: :wink:

I think a good Playlist will help with their speed rowing. I know way back in high school business class that speed of music playing at a business helped determine users time in store. Slow songs helped slow customers shopping and visa versa.


Dont find a good fitting song:

But rowing = running? OK :rofl:

All musicians on stage! True music!

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Wow crazy and so cool! I’ll definitely have to give this a listen later when I have more i really love these podcast though such a great idea

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Keep the Sunday episodes coming :slight_smile: It’s great hearing about other peoples adventures and of course about record breaking attempts :astonished:

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Insanity. Hope they have water proof phones to go with everything else you need on a trip across the atlantic.

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I’ll give it a listen👍🏻

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Really interesting to hear about how they plan on doing the race and what they might experience.
Will have to remember to keep an eye on December 12th so I can follow along.


Just started listening and wow I can’t even imagine crossing Atlantic in a boat. Flying across is scary enough


Dang, missed this one. Will have to check out on replay as I’m curious as to what would make their playlist. Rowing is all about cadence, and togetherness. Wonder if they’d have a icon+ in the boat?

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This was such a fun podcast to do. I still can’t get over how casually these guys talk about the potential of their boat rolling over. I’d give up right there and then haha.

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I thought you row some. I wonder if they let you join them for a little soundcore support and a few soundcore/Anker/Eufy stickers on their boat. :thinking: .

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Caught the replay. The ladies sounded like a lot of fun to interview, good energy and meshed will with both @loz and @sean.L

Training sounds brutal, and makes sense they are leaving in dec, as to make it “easier” to get across the ocean.

Another great podcast. And best of luck. I’ll be keeping my eye out for the results :wink:

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