Share, Win and Stay In for #StPaddys

It’s St. Patrick’s Day! :shamrock: As someone who’s half-Irish, half-English, I never needed much of an excuse to go to the pub and sink a couple, but with coronavirus ruining the fun, that definitely isn’t the best idea right now.

Still, even with governments worldwide telling us to stay indoors, stay away from others and self isolate, there’s no reason we can’t have fun while we do it, right?

So, let’s have a couple of St. Paddy’s giveaways. Here come the rules …

:green_heart:Giveaway 1:green_heart:

  • Prize: Our all new 360° bluetooth speaker, Flare 2
  • No. of Winners: 1
  • How to enter: Share via the social media buttons below and comment
  • Winner will be chosen via random selection
  • Start date: Right now
  • End date: Sunday 24:00
  • Open to: Worldwide
  • Winners to be announced: Here in the Collective during Monday’s Core Update

:green_heart:Giveaway 2:green_heart:

  • Prize: 20 Giveaway Tickets
  • No. of Winners: 3
  • How to enter: Tell us your favorite thing about Ireland or Irish culture
  • We’ll select our favorite answers as the winners
  • Start date: Right now
  • End date: Sunday 24:00
  • Open to: Worldwide
  • Winners to be announced: Here in the Collective during Monday’s Core Update

May the luck of the Irish be with you! :ireland: :crossed_fingers:t3:


Why not, in for a penny in for a pound (or euro) :smile: Shared!

Favourite thing about the Irish culture for me is the music and the views…some are breathtaking, well okay the whisky is a close second :grin:

Have a good, safe and hopefully healthy St Paddy’s day everyone, sláinte, :four_leaf_clover:


That is a very cool image. Shame I can’t share images with alcohol on social media :wink:

Done, shared on Twitter

best of luck to all!!

The thing I love about Ireland - Ice Cream!!! :ice_cream: :ice_cream: :ice_cream: :ice_cream: :ice_cream:

Had visited Dublin, Ireland back, loved the Ice-cream there… Irish Ice Cream. Had the Murphys, loved the Sea Salt flavor! Had Ice creams daily, every day of my trip for all the 7 days :smiley:

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For me it’s the culture altogether from the music to wanting to learn Gaelic.
Also that there walking sticks are called shillelaghs

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Cheers @Loz , it’s all good, the double of Irish will ease the pain :laughing: …hope to get back to shooting some more Soundcore products over the next few weeks when the weather picks up and if we’re not quarantined due to the bug :cold_sweat:

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Great giveaway! Would love to test and review The flare 2!

shared on facebook and twitter

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I’m glad to be a member of Soundcore community.


My favourite part about Ireland is the potatoes :joy:. Of course in true American fashion I would usually deep fry them :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

I’ll share this on twitter later. Good luck everyone!

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I love the flare 2 100 of them will be amazing together

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I love soundcore products

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Gotta love SoundCore!
And about the Irish:
Also gotta love SoundCore, the potatoes, the landscape, the folk music, Dublin and the booze

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Well being HALF IRISH, of course, you all love me!
No not huge distant relatives, my grandmother n grandfather came over from Ireland… And not the north either lol

I’m fully entitled (but can’t afford) to wear my own colours in a kilt!

I don’t like Guinness, tastes like liquorice rats piss, give me a bottle of beer, but not larger… I’ll leave that to the wife beaters , especially Stella Artois … Joke! Failing that a nice jd n coke… Not.too much coke either :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I think I enjoy the Irish limericks n songs. So here is a Soundcore limmerick

Come and join the community here on Soundcore
We talk music, products and a whole lot more
There are awesome @Loz themed giveaways
or you can exchanging your notes anyday
But friendly, and helpful is our value core

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Kilt up, drams of whisky, pints of Guiness, Flogging Molly (or similar) and the warm hearted demeanor that overwhelms everyone (even after those drams and some pints)

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Anker has the best products!

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another great contest for an amazing price…good luck all


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My favorite thing about Irish culture is the pub culture, and I love how well it has translated into American culture as well. There’s nothing quite like spending time with a friend over a Guinness at the local pub!

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I’m surprised more people don’t know about soundcore.

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