Should we open threads for the different tastes of music?

I know there are only a few here they like classic as I do and I am not so up to date with those many “modern styles”.

Lawrence created the badges, so we could open a thread for each.
What do you think about?

I am in for classics and swing! :wink:

After listening to classics a very long time I always detect “new” composers.
Youtube is great source.

And Opera of course.
Last week : LvB “Fidelio” here at the “Nationaltheater” . Phantastisch! :grinning:

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It sounds like a good idea to me. I am not a big fan of classical music myself, I’m just not as refined as you😂

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Music is so widespread.
Some are fans of classical music others go for rock, heavy metal and many other types
which I dont know. (If there is a need I have to ask my daughter or son! :rofl:)
Classical music:
The older you get the more you may like, could be.

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It’s possible, I grew up on country and it’s what I still listen to. My taste may change though.


I’m a big country fan, but I always enjoyed classical music on vinyl while studying for school.


I did listen to classical while I studied, but not because I liked it (not that I dislike it) but because it helped me concentrate.


There are so many different types of classical which makes you calm down and relaxed.

May I tell you the truth when thinking of country,
“The Bluesbrothers” came in mind.
Their performance in that bar.
Incredible. So funny. :rofl:
You know it?

Just font open an EDM one as it will get closed down :joy:

Good now I know what that EDM is! :wink:

I have not seen that. I will have to search for it on youtube!!

Here is a small clip.

This film is classical!

What about me being an Osmond fan? You know I am a little bit country and rock and roll. LOLOL

@Chiquinho If I did not state it, congrats on thread of the week.