Small print: Boom Plus can only TWS with another Boom Plus or Partycast

Just a reminder for those who are interested in the Boom Plus.

It says

So that means it can connect with another Partycast or with another Boom Plus.

So for example it would not pair with the Boom as that’s not a Boom Plus and not Partycast.

While it does explicitly state it will connect with any Partycast speaker, I have a healthy skepticism that Partycast 2 will work with a Partycast, waiting for someone who gets the Boom Plus and owns a Partycast speaker to prove works.


Appreciate the added info.

It will be interesting to see if it does or not and may be interesting if any of the partycast will get a firmware updates if possible.

As I do not use speakers as much, I am unsure if all partycast has a firmware update and if they can update the firmware to play with 2.0 versions somehow.

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I could imagine :
Only Boom + with another Boom +

Particast :
It should be possible to connect Partycast speakers of another soundcore speaker line
supporting that feature.

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The FCC listings for these products described how TWS and Partycast works in hardware.

I don’t think they can change between these in software.

I think over time they can make Partycast replace TWS. You’d have to connect to each speaker in the app, tell it to be master or slave, left or right or mono, set it’s EQ, and then disconnect from app then press the Partycast button.

What would then happen is the Master owns the MAC for pairing connection and received stereo and itself generated sound for left/right/mono.

The slaves would clone the Master MAC and then either use the left or right or mono channel. Cloning the Master MAC means it’s a broadcast method so actual EM doesn’t increase (FCC would like that).

That would then give you EQ for all speakers, and choose if a speaker is left or right or mono based on where you place them.

Partycast Professor Edition ™.

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I assume it is, but I hope it’s backward compatible with Partycast 1.0.


Their words say it should. :wink:

Just I find they tend to not test things…

So if it’s critical to a purchase decision that it does work then wait.

Given all the chatter with out of stock and coupons, there should be plenty of owners today / soon.

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I am sure you will get a job there pretty soon. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I saw this with the Plus page.

So I guess will take it as its word until we get some more info about how well it functions.

Maybe this weekend, I may see if there is anything about what the PartyCast 2 does that is different than Partycast (1) is.

If I can not find anything, it may be something to ask the admins for more info on.

The best think I saw so far is one mag stated over 100 speakers connected while other says up to 100 speakers and another stated up to 100 motion boom plus.

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If I would get offered 100 MB+ I can start a test! :rofl:


You need 101MB+ to test which mag is telling the correct statement. :rofl:

I would love to see your families look when you have that shipment sent to your house. LOL


I wonder if the last in the chain, would have significant delay?

I recall how long it took LTT to charge the 100 flare 2s, would hate to imagine how any bricks and cables one would need to use… :wink:


Beside my beer storage in the basement there is a lot of space left.
And for testing there is penty of time! :smile:

But I have already done such a job in the past!
So i am the best to do this with the MB+

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The 13.4Ah 7.2V 96.5Wh is identical capacity to their Powercore 26800.

Their 20W input 26800 is recharge 6 hours, so this speaker’s 15W input would be slower recharge, a lot slower given most will be accidentally using a 5W - 12W charger.

My estimate is a 15W charger will recharge in 9.2h, 10W will take 12 hours, 5W will take 24 hours. The probably biggest gripe will be the battery life when played loud, nothing near 20 hours, I predict around 4 hours, and even if plugged into power it will still go flat eventually as 80W speaker can’t be fed indefinitely off 15W, more of an issue for most owners who won’t own 15W charger.

Their Rave type speakers are mains powered so don’t have this battery life dimension.

As owners get hands-on and use in real life then my guesses can be proved wrong by measured facts.

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Can’t wait to hear reviews from folks who have linked 2 x Motion Boom Plus speakers.


Yes, I wonder who will be the first from the community… :thinking:

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Guys does this read to you as does to me?

Found the manual

And it says

Notice the

That implies the Boom Plus can only pair with other Boom Plus.

But then later it says

Which says Partycast II can connect with the original via a different button sequence.

Can someone test if that last statement is true?

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This can be verified only by one who got the MB+ and tries to pair it with another soundcore speaker who has the partycast spec.
If the MB+ is not pairable with other sound core partycast speakers its a :zipper_mouth_face:

I suppose there is an error in the manual.

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The manual at least tells you how!

So many people have said here they are getting soon we should get answers soon.

I recently got a collection of three soundcore mini 3s and a motion boom plus; they all connect with partycast but the mini 3s won’t play anything despite being successfully connected via partcast to the motion boom plus. I’m assuming that partycast 2 is not backwards compatible with partycast 1 because I tried with just the three mini 3s and it worked perfectly.

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You have the advantage of owning these so I’m just guessing.

The manual for the MB+ shows a button press sequence for Partycast and Partycast 2. The mini 3 only has Partycast (not Partycast 2) so ensure the MB+ is using Partycast (not Partycast 2).

It’s usually easier to do one type of speaker first, you’ll have to experiment.