Core Update 138 | Latest News and Updates

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you’ve had a great week! Let’s kick start your week the right way with a song by Nicki Minaj, Super Bass!

Motion Boom Plus is Officially Live! :loud_sound:

Today is an exciting one because the all-new Motion Boom Plus outdoor speaker is now officially out.

There will be a mega thread posted later, so keep your eyes peeled for that. :eyes:

New Music Friday | Winners and Updates :crown:

Every week there are 20 Points and 10 Notes up for grabs in our New Music Friday contest! This week’s winners are:

Best OST /Soundtrack to a Film From the 90s: I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston, nominated by @VertigoXX.

A Song With “Glass” in the Title: Heart of Glass - Blondie, nominated by @The_Professor.

Best Song by an Emo Band: Sugar, We’re Going Down - Fall Out Boy, nominated by @Steve976.

Awards of the Week :1st_place_medal:

Photo of the Week Theme: By the Fire

Photo of the Week: What a great shot @VertigoXX!

Collective Member of the Week: Congratulations and thank you, @Duane_Lester!

Thread of the Week: We’ve got an honest review of Life Q35 this week My Life Q35 Review.

Last but not least, for any outstanding points and notes, contact @Vanessa_W for further clarification. Today’s your last chance, so hurry!


Oh that’s Atomic!


Cool, motion boom plus is live!
Now i just need the code to place my early bird order. :grinning:


Thank you for the update @Winniew95.

Happy Motion Boom Plus launch day!

Congrats to this week’s winners.

Have a great week everyone :smile:


Grat to the winners. Happy Boom Live day

I have to say… I did not start the fire. The fire has been burning since the world has been turning. :rofl:


Thanks for the updates and congrats to this week’s winners.


Thanks gor Update @Winniew95
Thanks for nominations. Finally I won Photo of the Week contest :grin:
Congrats to all other winners And happy Motion Boom Plus Launch Day.


Thank you @Winniew95
Congrats winners!


Thanks for the Update @Winniew95. :+1:
Congrats to all the winners., :clap:
I hope everyone has a great week! :+1:


Good news all around, and great update. Thanks @Winniew95

Hope everyone has a great week.

Congrats to all the winners!

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Just received my code I assume you did . It can be used until june 15th ? Or what did the mention june 15th for? kind of mixed me up a bit lol?


Yes i got the code and ordered the speaker, but i have to wait at least a week to get it delivered.
Just hope it’s in time for my party on june 11th. :partying_face:

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Still no code. Motion Boom Plus sold out now.

Emailed the code to me this morning with an explanation. The demand was so high, they couldn’t keep up with the coupon codes. The codes will continue to be emailed for the next 10 days. Order your Motion Boom Plus as soon as you can, when you get the code. If the Soundcore website doesn’t have it in stock, the coupon code works with Amazon.

Sadly the boom plus cant connect to the original boom :frowning: please fix that with a update

That’s what you’d expect.

The Boom is TWS, the Boom Plus is TWS and Partycast.

So the Boom can only pair with another Boom.

The Boom Plus can connect with any other Partycast, or one other Boom Plus.

I’m only reading what they wrote…

I’m not optimistic, based on what they’ve written in their sales specs. Good luck anyway.

It’s plain to see… They state TWS only with identical speaker type or across Parttycast which the Boom isn’t.

I’ve put into a thread so if it’s possible they can update it gathers some votes for priority attention.


I am sure you are right.
TWS only with the same type of speaker. (Boom + with another Boom +)
Partycast with all (I hope so) speakers which got that feature.


Super hyped about the motion boom plus! Seems like the best of both worlds, albeit a little big.

How to get hold of a coupon? I seem to have missed that!