Soundcore for gaming?

I would love to have a Soundcore product that would be compatible with a gaming systems like PS4. Does anybody know if any do work? I get a question for a key.

I don’t know that anker (especially soundcore) would create gaming systems. And if they do, I think soundcore is the least likely brand to do so.

They would most likely create a new brand, since this is a completely different genre of products.

Gaming systems is hard brand to get into, since there are so many good systems already. In addition, it would be hard to get people to create games for it.

I think he meant a gaming headset

If he meant “compatible” instead of “comparable” than that would make more sense

I assumed comparable was meant to be compatible**

No not a gaming system but Earbuds/headset that will work with those systems. I can get a Bluetooth signal but get a stupid code asking about making sure of a key ( then some numbers. ). I though with the Bluetooth, it may work but did not. I think they could make an easy transition to add it to lineup.

I’ve used my liberty air before. Maybe soundcore will come out with something in the future :man_shrugging:

Lol. I thought I said compatible. I probable clicked the auto complete or can’t spell worth a lick. I think it probably the latter. Lol

I may have to try those.

This is a good question! Like maybe stereo speakers that you can hook up to the PS4, that’s a great idea! I’d definitely get them!

Gaming headsets would be a plus and I wouldn’t put it past them to have some in the works. They already make keyboards and gaming mouses, so I wouldn’t put it past them to round it out with gaming headsets

I would be happy with that too. Be able to pair a couple of speakers.

I did not know that they made those.

The keyboard is

Mouse is

They did make a gaming keyboard from what I could find from previous releases, but I did not see anything recent unless I am missing it

Gaming headsets would be nice. I don’t game that much but there’s a market for good gaming headsets and making them budget friendly would open up the market for Soundcore.

I prefer this mouse

But yes they havnt made the gaming keyboard since I think 2015

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The buttons on that mouse look like the buttons on the life q20s… which are very cheaply made.

I agree that a SoundCore gaming headset would be awesome! :+1:

I would be interested to try a soundcore gaming headset but comfort would be key.

Was just about to post about this. As I got the new CoD and need a new headset.