Soundcore Life Not not properly working after android 12 update

I have been using the soundcore life note TW earbuds for months now. Yesterday I received the android 12 update on my Samsung galaxy a72 and since then the earphones are not working properly. When the device is connected the media in the device is not working at all. When it is disconnected it is working properly. I tried another wireless headphones with the same phone but it was working fine. I believe this issue is with the earphones. I tried resetting the earphones, but still it is not working. I hope some one could help me with this problem.

Ask the support for a “downgrade”

Make sure you do a full reset of both sides of the issue.

Phone: Delete pairing, turn Bluetooth off, reboot to recovery, wipe cache. Leave.

Buds: follow reset instructions, and leave alone for 10 minutes.

Phone: boot, enable Bluetooth.

Buds: follow pairing instructions.

If problem persists then put email together with serial number, proof of purchase, description of fault and what you’ve tried to self help, to

Hello, sorry to learn about the issue with your Soundcore Life Note earphones. I appreciate you have tried some troubleshooting already. In order to help you out, you are more than welcome to drop an email to "" by detailing the issue and the order information, our Sondcore technical support will take care of your case as soon as possible. Know that we always stand behind your product and are ready for help.

Edit: very simple fix, go to developer options and activate “Turn Off A2DP hardware offload”, this settings persists reconnects and you don’t have to change the BT audio codec

This is most certainly due to Samsung’s aptX BT Codec implementation being broken on Android 12. You can manually select the BT Codec SBC or AAC in the developer options and the headphones will work again. Unfortunately you have to do this everytime you connect the headphones. There’s an app that shows a notification everytime a BT device is connected, that makes setting the codec a little faster, it’s called A2DP Settings in the Play Store. If you don’t have the developer settings go to Settings, go all the way down to phone info, go to software info, and tap “build number” 7 times


Thanks for sharing.

Yes we have more issues with Samsung’s Android than any other Android. I suspect they are optimising too much for their own buds. Can the original poster or moderator edit the title with “solved”? It helps others find fixes.

Seems to have fixed my audio skipping on a Pixel 4a on Android 12 as well, so thanks!

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Thanks for the tipp. I had the same problem and could fix it on my Samsung Galaxy A52.

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The A2DP Samsung hardware offload fix seems to be helping often.

The search though is not that quick to find it - I’ve been mentioning it to Samsung owners once we found it worked.