Soundcore Life P2 can't connect with Laptop

Hi, I’m having some issues with my Soundcore Life P2. I can’t connect it with my Surface Pro 7. Experienced this also with my other PC, anyone having the same issue? How do I fix this?

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Try resetting the earbuds and deleting the pairing from your devices and then try connecting them. Also make sure your laptop bluetooth drivers are updated from the bluetooth chips manufacturer. Do not rely on windows update for the bluetooth driver, physically go to the bluetooth manufacturers website for the update


In addition to the excellent advise from Rob, I’d also add it may be your resetting is not being done fully, your buds are still connected to something (e.g. phone) and so they are not in pairing mode to connect to PC.

So you have to seriously focus, overkill almost, on the resetting part, assume you not done it correctly. Delete the pairing on everything, and then to be double sure turn the Bluetooth off on everything ever paired. Then third is to fully reset as per these two steps below, do what video says and then do the tip afterwards below.

And after reset do this

Once you’ve fully properly reset the buds as per the delete all pairings, turn off all Bluetooth on everything ever paired, reset and then waited as per above, then see if they will pair with the device you said wouldn’t pair. That plus the driver’s suggestion would likely exhaust our advice.


@Akmal_Rodzi did anything work?

THIS WORKED! THANKS! :smile::smiley::smiley::smiley:



Now which part of it was required? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I actually have been a month trying to connect update …yatta yatta and read this…I have the Note E and does not exactly preform like you showed but got the jest of it and pressed the button and held for a few …then checked the “bluetooth Add Device” and it FINALLY popped up!! Thank You !!

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the process i did to get both earbuds to connect to my Windows 11 laptop was:
place P2 earbuds into case,
remove the P2 device from the Bluetooth settings area in Windows (remove both if there are 2 entries)
Open case, take the RIGHT earbud from the case first, let the earbud power up.
Take the LEFT earbud from the case, let it power up.
Go to Bluetooth device settings in Windows, (Bluetooth & devices) click on “view more devices”
Click on “add device” and follow the wizard.

When I first tried to pair my P2s, I removed the left earbud first and connected it. Windows registered it as Soundcore Life P2-L and then when I connected the right earbud, Windows must have seen it as a different device. Seemed like connecting the right earbud first make Windows identify the 2 buds as one device, or maybe the P2s themselves have some sort of “left will sync to right” thing going on? I’ve noticed this before in other earbuds I’ve had in the past.