Soundcore Life P3. Unboxing and first impessions

Hi all.
I did posted photos of my dog “performing security check” on new arrival some time ago. The last photo was called “It’s safe to unbox”.

So I did unboxed it and would like to share my first impressions.
I brought it to have replacement TWS earbuds for my Liberty Air 2’s.
When my arrived I was surprised by size of the box. I found it very small. Except that everything was very similar to any other box from Soundcore.

Content of the box:
Earbuds, charging case, branded charging cable (type-C), some paperwork and 4 pairs of replacement ear tips in different sizes (fifth pair was applied on earbuds).

Case of Life P3 made from quality plastic and is pleasant to touch. There is glossy Soundcore logo on top of the box. The case is small and rounded so it easily fits my pocket (I don’t wear skinny fit jeans😀). There is Bluetooth button for manual pairing inside the case.

Successfully paired earbuds with the phone. Soundcore video on Youtube was helpful.

The first test surprised me a lot. I have my personal preferences in sound (everybody has) and usually find preset sound a bit “overbassed”. But not this time. In my opinion preset sound is balanced very well. Of course preset sound can be adjusted to personal preferences by using app but the first impression is priceless.
Right after checking the sound quality I did check ANC. There are three ANC modes available for Life P3: Transport, Indoor, and Outdoor. I did’t performed detailed check in various environments to find difference between them but should state that ANC is excelent.
I did tried Transparency mode as well. I could hear sound of working TV set but sound in my opinion was a bit weird.
I didn’t tried Gaming Mode and Superior Sleep (I never wear earbuds while I sleep :sunglasses:) but I hope those features work well and are useful for someone.
I made a phone call while was wearing earbuds. The call quality was nice (should admit I was in quiet environment).
Excellent sound and ANC for the money, good fit, stable Bluetooth connection, nice design, some extra features (Superior Sleep and Gaming Mode) but lack of AptX.

Appreciate the review…hope they bring years of fun


Thanks for preparing this review.
It’s great that you are satisfied with the sound, good ANC quality and phone calls.
Your dog seems to have been rewarded for participating in the photo session as well :grinning:


Nice review. Thanks for taking the time to do it. It sounds like you like them. :+1:


My dog is very good in asking for snacks :joy:


Very well put review, looking like your puppy is having a lot of fun.