Soundcore Motion Boom Review (30W, Bluetooth 5, USB-C)

Today I have one of Anker’s newer larger bluetooth speakers with the Soundcore Motion Boom. This thing reminds me of an old school boom box, and sorry if I just dated myself for knowing what a boom box is. The Motion boom has 30 watts of power, and a 10,000mAh internal battery to keep the tunes going for up to 24 hours. Thanks to Anker for sending this to me to take a listen and tell you more about it.

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Packaging & Accessories

Packaging here is basic, It’s a retail box with quite a bit of information on the outside about the specs, features, and it gives pictures and ideas of possible uses of the speaker. Inside accessories are pretty minimal, you get the speaker, a small manual, and a 3ft USB-A to C cable.

Physical Description

The speaker itself is larger, I measured it at about 11.5” long, 6.5” tall and about 4” wide. It has a large handle on top thats molded into it’s overall shape, with a piece of branded rubber grip in the top. I found this handle super nice when moving the speaker around my house. Weight was 54.38oz so it’s got a bit of heft to it. That said one of the neat feature is that it’s IPX7 water rated and floats on water, so this could be a nice addition to your boat, beach parties, or backyard pool sessions too. It sounds decent when wet but it seems to want to balance face down in water so it would be best to keep it on shore.

The front features a large traditional speaker grill with metal mesh, inside you can see the two 2.5” silver colored titanium speakers that do the bulk of the sound output. On the sides of the speaker you have the two bass reflectors, now when playing these move a decent amount but there is little protection for them. I would like to see grills here for added protection from sharp objects, or kids fingers as a hole here would affect the sound quality.

Internally there is a 10,000mAh battery that allows for up to 24 hours of playback time, depending on the volume being used and if the baseup sound enhancement feature is turned on. You can also charge your phone or other device from the USB-A port on the back of the unit when it’s turned on. The port cover in the rear is large, and fits quite tightly. USB-C is power in, USB-A is power out. Anker says the charge time is about 4 hours which I can confirm.

Sound Quality

The Motion Boom features 2 decently sized titanium drivers, I would guess they are about 3” in size along with 2 bass reflectors on each end of the speaker. Anker quotes it as having 30W of total power. This is a speaker designed for outdoors and I did some brief testing outdoors but the weather here has been below zero Fahrenheit for the past 2 weeks so it was minimal. I had no trouble with sound out on my deck, and it was plenty loud to hear in my moderately sized yard.

Inside the sound quality was more than enough for a large sized room for music or youtube content. I didn’t notice any delay when synced up to video on my Ipad,l thanks to the Bluetooth 5 technology. The speaker can also pair to another Motion Boom to provide true stereo sound which I think would be really cool in a party situation.

Personally I left the bassUP technology turned on, and noticed a difference in sound quality especially when playing music or a movie. It’s not as good as a real subwoofer but it’s better than most similarly sized bluetooth speakers.

You do want to download and use the soundcore app with this speaker. It has 4 built in EQ settings, Soundcore Signature, Voice, Treble Boost and balanced, as well as Custom EQ settings that you can adjust and setup yourself. See my video review for more on the app.


  • Pretty loud and decent bass with no distoration
  • Customized EQ settings via the Soundcore App
  • Handle is nice


  • No Auxiliary port for connecting to an outdoor projector or laptop easily.
  • Bass reflectors lack protection on the sides.


My conclusion on the Soundcore Motion Boom is that it’s a nice speaker for both indoor and outdoor use. Sound quality was better then I expected, and the BassUP feature worked better then I expected. Mids and Highs are clear, and bass was decent for it’s size. I think it’s my best sounding Anker speaker to date.

It has very solid construction, the handle was more useful than I expected. While the speaker does float, it tips forward putting the speakers in the water so it’s not practical to use while floating. This is ok, at least it doesn’t sink if it was to go into the water.

Battery life here is great, I have no doubts it would last 24 hours. I do wish the USB-C port could be used for power out as well and that the speaker could be used as a powerbank when off but those are pretty minor issues.

Let me know what you think of the Anker Soundcore Motion Boom in the comments below!


Very complete and well written review. I own 2 of these Motion Booms. It is definitely the best sounding one they’ve made.


Amazing review

Wow really great review! Love all the pictures

Good review, it sounds like a great product. Having the speaker work as a battery would also be cool - probably wouldn’t be a big thing to add given they have battery packs with in / out over USB-C. But pretty nice as is.

Very succinct review coupled with some great photos. Best part is the summary at the end and your recommendation.

Well done, looking forward to seeing more reviews.

And a BiG welcome to the community :slightly_smiling_face:

Pretty decent review, thanks. I have had mine for about a week now. :smiley:
I also left the little adhesive pads on the rubber feet on for now - though these can be easily removed for a ‘grippier’ effect.
The one feature you have missed out is that the Motion Boom can also do duty as a hands-free speaker for Bluetooth calls courtesy of it’s built-in mic.
The passive bass radiators are exposed - although I prefer this to enclosed ones - matter of personal preference I guess.
Tip: In order to ensure the waterproof cover is firmly in place, lay the speaker face up on a flat surface for a few minutes - the weight of the speaker will force the flap flush ensuring a good seal.
Also, check out Alan Ross’s custom EQ settings to get some great performance out of your Motion Boom!

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Boom boom sound, boom boom review!! Liked it.

Great review! Thanks very much, had a look at the speakers but it’s good to hear different people’s experiences of them.

Nice review. Detailed and with nice pictures. Thanks

Ya I always forget to mention the calling feature, on a big outdoor speaker like this it’s just not something I use personally. Who gets phone calls anymore :slight_smile:


I glanced over the review yesterday while I was working on a homework so haven’t been able to read it all. I do have more time tonight so will do read over it and update this reply.

Or if you get them, you may not want the whole neighborhood to hear your conversation. Headphones make things a lot more private than a large speaker.

Amazing review

Sure, have used mine for a socially distanced teleconference meeting with a colleague. So we could hear the other 4 participants and we could make do with just the one connection.

That works if you have a pretty good mic or it is mostly a one way conversation. The problem with a great big speaker designed for music is it tends not to have a mic that is sensitive and well tuned enough to pick up the people not sitting RIGHT next to it. There is a reason they sell a dedicated conference speaker (although under the anker brand for some reason). Glad it is working for you.

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I absolutely love the motion boom!! Bout to order another to pair!!! Can’t wait.

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Does anyone have two Boom’s paired in stereo? How does it sound? I’m guessing Amazing!!!:two_hearts:

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Nice detailed review and love the look of it as a boombox.

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