Soundcore Q30 reset to max volume on IOS device or Switching PC and Mobile

I have an issue when using Soundcore Q30 .When i switching the eq mode on soundcore app on iphone, or switching between PC/mobile, or even after using play/stop after changing between streaming services, the headphone usually resetting the volume to maximum 100% and it blowing out my eardrums, i feel it’s so annoying and affraid to use any time because of accidently set to max volume only until i change it by volume button then it turn back to previous normal volume. Is it firmware bug or something? Anyone has the same issue on ios device?


There was a thread were a user told about the same problem.
You could use the search function
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Sorry i cant find that thread. What is the keyword to search?

Sorry I don’t know as well , may be other headset/earbud users know

Hi @Csfts123,

Welcome to the forum. This may be the thread @Chiquinho was thinking about. I have the Q30 but I use Android (LG G8).

If that doesn’t help, I’d suggest you contact Customer Support:

Good luck!


I have a problem like that. I’ve not check yet in situation between two devices, but the max volume was when I turned on the headphones after night turned off mode.