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Is the Rave TWS?

Yes, yes it is.

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Personally, I don’t see going from TWS to Partycast as an improvement. I’s rather have True Wireless Stereo as opposed to speakers running in Mono.

I see Partycast II as inevitable. Choose the channel per speaker in the app.

The underlying electronics is out now.

My only concern is the consumer, knowing what they are getting, I’d prefer new product names to make it clear, not same product names with different features.

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If you had the choice to run Partycast as stereo pairs, I’d be all for it. As of now, that’s not the way it is.

That is purely an engineering decision. It can be done. At some point the consumer gets the choice.

The FCC reports show exactly how it has been done. The Partycast method is the primary shares its MAC with the secondaries, they can spoof the primary, pick up the signal and transmit. But because the the EQ is different, and spectrum, it is Mono. The TWS method is alternating signals master/slave so can do stereo.

To do shared stereo can be done. Just wait.

I agree with you 100 percent!!!

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Personally I’m not sure I will ever even need a speaker this big but that’s just me. I wish Soundcore would make a home audio system kind of like how Logitech has ones for the computer with like five speakers you set up and a sub woofer

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I believe that is possible.

You’d have one bluetooth connection - aka Master, it is what is paired with.

The master would then share it’s MAC (network address) with various slaves.

The media connection would be to the master, the data connection to master+slaves.

Each master/slave would then be visible to an app, which then lets each speaker to tweak it’s settings - so a swarm of speakers to the app, appearing as one logical physical speaker.

You’d then do what you said, you’d tell one speaker it’s left, another it’s right, another it’s mono, you’d tend to make the heavier (weight) speakers to act as bass, others (lighter) for treple, and you’d place them physically around the room.

I’d call it Partycast II.

And thus I invented Soundcore’s next big thing. ™


That would be an excellent advancement for Soundcore to make.

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