Soundcore Spirit X2 review. Unpacking and first impression

Seems Soundcore Sport X10 earbuds are the most popular Soundcore earbuds now. But this review is about older Soundcore sport earbuds - Spirit X2.
The reason for this is pretty simple - I got Spirit X2 as a prize for my 2nd place on April Leaderboard. There were logistics issues, but finally I receided them last Monday (Thanks to @Hannah @Winniew95 and special thanks to @vanessa_w for solving logistics issue).

Chapter I. Unpacking
Basically Soundcore uses two types of boxes for earbuds: simple cardboard boxes for economy/medium priced products and boxes with magnetic clasp (my favourite packing) for premium models.The box of Spirit X2 is with magnetic clasp. It means Spirit X2 suppose to be premium model.

Inside the box:
Charging case
Charging cable
Extra eartips and earwings
Some paperwork

Chapter II. Earbuds
First impressions about Spirit X2 is a bit strange: they are very big, but I like the design.
Earbuds are made from quality plastic with some rubberized parts.

There are rubberized strips on each earbuds to control them. Depending on the end of strip you press and time you hold certain control will be activated. At first it looks a bit messy, but in a couple hours controls became clear.
Spirit X2 securely fit ears due ear hooks, but intefere with glases.

Chapter III. Charging case
Charging case looks nice.

It’s much bigger than Liberty 2 Pro charging case but visually smaller than expected after I saw earbuds (I had a doubt if earbuds will fit the Charging Case :grinning:)

Chapter IV. Connectivity and sound
First pairing went smoothly. So I started to test sound. From the very first minute of listening I knew how to call the sound of Spirit X2 - Subwoofers in your ears. Sound profile is extremely bass heavy. I am not bass lover, but I know a lot of people are (there are regular requests for more bass on Soundcore Community) and they would like Spirit X2 so much.
Unless I wouldn’d like to use Spirit X2 to listen music every day I think those are pretty good in certain conditions like hard workout.

Chapter V. Extras
IP68 certified (you can use them in shower or even while swimming)
AptX codec onboard
Fast charging (USB type-C)
Extremely long working hours without charging
No ANC but pretty good passive noise isolation
No Soundcore APP support (you will need third party EQ to change sound profile)

Great sound in case you are bass head
Superior build quality
Extremely secure fit
AptX codec
IP68 waterproof
Great working time
No Soundcore APP support
Bulky design

I would recommend Spirit X2 for people who prefer bass heavy sound. For others it can be suitable as a second pair of earbuds to use in case of hard workout.
I would suggest to take a look at Sport X10 in case you prefer a bit less bass heavy sound profile.

Thanks for reading.
Have a nice day.


Nice review. But I think I will wait for a pair of Sport X10s instead. These look a little too big for my liking.


Good review, thank you.