#SoundcoreValentines Photo Contest

Hi everyone,

Love is in the air here at Soundcore HQ, so we decided to extend our love to the Collective and give you 3 Valentine’s Day competitions to celebrate the most romantic holiday of the year :two_hearts:

Look at this adorable picture of Liberty 2 Pro cuddling :rofl:

To take part, all you need to do is:

1. Take a photo that represents Valentine’s Day
2. Post it in the Gallery
3. Include #SoundcoreValentines in the title

We’ll announce the winner on Valentine’s Day and the person with the best picture will be awarded with a $50 coupon to use on Soundcore.com :partying_face:

Don’t forget to also check out our Valentine’s Day gift guide where you can get some great deals on Liberty 2 Pro, Liberty Air 2, and our new Flare 2 speaker.

Good luck!



I give it a try


Hmm :thinking: see what I can come up with.


awesome. contest

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I am in the game.
Fun, this is what I like, though I never win! :rofl:

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I can’t wait to see all the creative ideas you guys come up with! Even though I can’t win, I want to join in as well :rofl:


Sounds like fun! Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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You should join in maybe just put your creations on this page.


I will ask the obvious question. I am assuming it is one entry per person.

If I am wrong please let me know. I would not want to prepare one picture to know that others had several out there.

I actually just took one that I could use. I had already been thinking of a few potential picture to just add for the fun of the holiday coming up. This way I can decide which I would use.

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As many entries as you like! The more content the better :smiley:

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Just the Soundcore.com Gallery and no Social media shares required?

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. Let’s great creative!

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Like the suggestions to put here - good consolidation of submissions. Plus it’ll make the page a little less drab if there’s some pop of color/photos. :blush:

Here’s my #SoundcoreValentines photo post: True Valentines and pic preview for page decor. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Spirit X is not bashful about giving a big X hug!

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Valentine’s day is not my favorite holiday of the year, not sure I will get an entry in for this one. But look forward to seeing everyone’s submissions.

Is that you on that photo?

@Chiquinho, it was me in my younger years, I was 33. Thin and young with a pep in my step. I am now older, about 25 pounds heavier and my feet has plantar facitist (wrong spelling) I use this pirate picture in nemory of my mother.

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When I take a look at photos of my young days:
What a beauty I was…hehehe!

Black full hair, now all totally white.
But still there are some! :rofl:
Not gaining much weight.
Some problems regarding health.
But could be worse.
Birthday is coming - > 10. of February.

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Sweet on bday coming soon. Happy early bday, I had mine on the first. Half of my family growing up was February bday. I still have a few colored hairs. I knew I was going to either go bald early (dad side) or go gray early (wife side) Mom side won and I still have hair. :wink:

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Funny. all Aquarius.
Though I dont believe much in zodiac signs.
The only thing I know about those Aquarius’ : WE are very special! :sweat_smile:

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