Core Update 22 | #SoundcoreValentines Begins and Prize Update

Hi everyone,

Update on Jerry Rig Everything Giveaway and Christmas Countdown Prizes

A few people have been asking about the current status of their Jerry Rig Everything Giveaway (November 2019) and the Christmas Countdown (December 2019) prizes.

Due to the spread of Coronavirus in China (a very unexpected circumstance), the production of the Jerry Rig Everything Giveaway prizes has been delayed. Prizes for the Christmas Countdown aren’t due for a while yet, but it is possible that they will also be delayed as our production lines have been affected.

The safety of Soundcore staff is our top priority right now, so we hope you can bear with us and keep an eye out for more updates.

- Soundcore News -

#SoundcoreValentines Has Begun!
The first two events of our Valentine’s Day extravaganza are already underway, so if you haven’t entered yet don’t miss your chance!

For the Photo Contest click here and for the Giveaway head over here.

Soundcore Life Q20 Headphones On Android Central
@Loz shared that Life Q20 were awarded “Best Overall” Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100 by Android Central. A big congrats to Life Q20 is in order :clap:

Exclusive Liberty 2 Pro Valentine’s Day Deal
There are still a few days remaining, so find out how to get an exclusive discount on Liberty 2 Pro!

- Awards of the Week -
This week’s winners are…

Gallery Upload of the Week: @English_Dan_Reviews Flare 2’s light show looks pretty cool in this picture (and we’re excited to see your full review!)

Thread of the Week: @Duane_Lester TWO WEEKS IN A ROW! You sure know the way to our heart with Valentine’s Day poems like these :love_letter: :two_hearts:

Giveaway Winner: @tsayoga2001 Please direct message @Loz with your email and delivery address!

See you all next week!


Thanks for the update! Congrats to the winners!

Wasn’t it the q20s?


Updated :shushing_face:


Thanks for the update. :grinning:


thanks for the update @Hannah

Congratulations to the winner @English_Dan_Reviews @Duane_Lester @tsayoga2001 :clap:


Congrats to @English_Dan_Reviews @Duane_Lester @tsayoga2001 winners of the week. @Duane_Lester sure has lot of creative thoughts :wink:

Hoping Soundcore staff is safe and healthy during this outbreak :crossed_fingers:
Thanks @Hannah for the update.


Congrats to all the winners and hopefully this Corona Virus goes away soon.


Thanks for the mentions and grats to the winners.


Congrats. Great job!


Thanks for the update, congrats to the winners.

You all staying safe and healthy is obviously far more important than some headphones. I hope this gets under control very soon.

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