The GRAMMY Quiz Show | Join and WIN!


Are you sick of giveaways? Well, we’re not, so we’re going to keep cranking them out. This Sunday, March 14th, join Lawrence and Sean as they present 84 GRAMMY questions in 84 minutes.

Where do the prizes come in? There’s a prize for each minute/question; so that’s a lot to give away!

Prizes will include:

  • Soundcore coupons worth up to $100
  • GRAMMY artist-endorsed Liberty Air 2 Pro
  • GRAMMY engineer-endorsed Liberty 2 Pro

Yes, that’s right, you have to pronounce it with a long E: PRIZEEEEEEE! Yes, the E and not the I. Yes, every time.

To see what the PRIZEEEEEE will be, and get your chance to win, make sure to tune in. Once again, that’s March 14th at 4 PM Pacific Time and 7 PM Eastern.


YouTube :point_down:

(Prizes are available for participants in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany only).

See you there!


Sounds interesting, count me in!

Good available to UK and Germany.

Bad it’s chosen at a time to be 1am start Germany.

Sean’s end of work day 1am!

I see it’s moved up an hour from the usual 5pm Pacific.

I suggest move it from Sean and two countries middle of night to say a 12noon Pacific time, 8pm UK, 9pm Germany, 8am New Zealand for Loz.

Not awailable for most locations. It’s a second time in two days. Could I know the reason of such discrimination?

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It’s a valid question, agreed, hope you get a reply, but in some countries, like Canada, they are pleased they not forgotten (as usual).

It has always been the case of few countries, but it is less bad now than before.

There are good reasons, like stock levels in the country, but let them give the real reason for this specific one…

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Guess I am bringing my wife into this one. Not great at the subject :rofl:

I’ll try hard to remember to tune in but have a lot going on lately

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When I first joined, Canada didn’t have much opportunity to enter giveaways either.

I think as the expand market reach, they can include more countries. It also helped some fellow canucks were very active here too.

@Ice :raised_hands::raised_hands:


There is shipping available to my country from store. But participation in some events is restricted :pensive:

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It probably has something to do with marketing target regions. Not all locations are the same - they might be spending marketing dollars in different ways in different regions based on local preferences.

These awards shows are very America centric in general, so I’m surprised this event is as broad as it is.


America is unique, a single large custom zone, high disposable income, one language gets you most of the population. From a marketing perspective it will always have an advantage.

You can then literally compute the next appropriate countries, Germany, Japan, UK…

I realise it is unfair, accident of birth, but it’s not deliberate ignoring, it’s just math.

Most of what I own is average 10 years old, and I’ve bought in different countries where it was favourable. e.g. the computer I’m typing this on I got when in USA before the Huawei ban, it’s a one of their tablets.

Before the virus lockdown I’d travel more than present, and I’d buy something in the country. e.g. the last things I bought in USA was during a visit to Montana - no sales tax.

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Well… I know it’s about marketing. Just we speak about activity annouced on community forum. As a community member I would like to hear explantion from officials.

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Why Prizes are available for participants in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany only ??
Why is that why it is not open for the whole world ??

Sure. The forum is very much focused on the english speaking parts of the world, primarily the US, with some UK and Canada. I am a little bit surprised they include as many other areas as they do.

Something to do with shared region, common language, and disposable income levels.

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@SoundcoreAaron Facebook only link? Any chance YouTube or twitch?

I see you YouTube… dang sneaky…

Sounds cool!

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youtube says contact sean.lemon but the only admin close to that name is sean.l i hope thats the contact i needed to send my email to win the mystery prize

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i have the same problem…

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Thanks for hosting the giveaway!